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At LG we make products and services that make lives better, easier and happier through increased functionality and fun. Put simply, we offer the latest innovations to make "Life Good" – from home appliances, consumer electronics, vehicle components and mobile communications to business innovations in digital signage, air conditioning, solar and LED lighting. As a global leader, we strive for greatness in product leadership, market leadership and people leadership to realize our growth strategies. LG's Silicon Valley Labs (SVL) is looking for passionate and talented computer vision scientists and AI engineers to work closely with the software teams at SVL on novel and disruptive Vision based product and platform solutions that work for real customers. These vision based solutions coming out of LG Silicon Valley Labs will be an important component of LG's global vision for Automotive, IoT, Robotics and connected services.

Regeneron: Spark R&D Developer


The Regeneron Genetics Center is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company organized to collaborate with health systems and research groups to elucidate, on a large scale, genetic factors that cause or influence a range of human diseases. Building upon Regeneron's strengths in mouse genetics and genetics-driven drug discovery and development, the Center will specialize in ultra-high-throughput exome sequencing and computational biology; discovery of genotype-phenotype associations through linkage to well-annotated de-identified patient electronic medical records; and validation of discoveries using Regeneron's VelociGene technology. Our interests encompass a breadth of different areas such as Mendelian and family frameworks, large-scale population genetics (both common and rare variants), and gene-gene interactions. Program goals include target discovery, indication discovery, and patient-disease stratification. Objectives include advancing basic science around the world through public sharing of discoveries, providing clinically-valuable insights to physicians and patients of collaborating health-care systems, and identifying novel targets for drug development.

Arterys: Machine Learning Engineer


Arterys is working on applying artificial intelligence to create algorithms that will impact the lives of millions of people worldwide. We are looking for passionate and talented people with expertise in software engineering and enthusiasm for machine learning to advance the field of medicine. Much of radiology consists of performing tedious tasks that would greatly benefit from automation, such as segmenting anatomical regions, characterizing lesions and writing reports. Additionally, non-radiologist clinicians who make treatment decisions often do not have the ability to synthesize the myriad components of available clinical information to make the best possible treatment decisions for their patients. Arterys' goal is to use the latest machine learning technology to solve these problems, help clinicians work more efficiently, and make a dramatic impact on patient outcomes.

Senior Computer Vision Expert/


The Senior Computer Vision Expert will also very closely work with Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts to rapidly understand a specific business domain and iteratively refine the analyses and the learning models to create high-fidelity automated analytics solutions.