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4 Rules for Web App and API Protection


Most Web app and API security tools were designed for a very different era. A time before developers and security practitioners worked together to ship secure software using integrated workflows. A time before applications were globally distributed and API based. A time before engineers expected to be able to enter a command and instantly make a global update. But attackers are developers, too.

Is Plex streaming secure and safe to use?


Plex has become a popular server and software choice for anyone who wants to easily organize, stream, and share their media libraries - including their favorite movies and music. Plex Media Server can be installed on your main desktop, enabling you to manage all your media in one place and then stream it on as many platforms and devices as you want, via the Plex app. As the process involves installing and using your own server, it's certainly understandable that you'd want to know whether Plex is secure. In this article, we discuss important security features and considerations when it comes to streaming with Plex. It provides an important way to protect your sensitive information - in this case your media library and Plex account - from hackers. Since 2015, Plex has provided all its users with free SSL certificates for their Plex media servers.

Top 15 Python Libraries For Data Science In 2017 Articles Chief Data Officer


SciPy is a library of software for engineering and science. Again you need to understand the difference between SciPy Stack and SciPy Library. SciPy contains modules for linear algebra, optimization, integration, and statistics. The main functionality of SciPy library is built upon NumPy, and its arrays thus make substantial use of NumPy. It provides efficient numerical routines as numerical integration, optimization, and many others via its specific submodules.

Changes to Internet Connectivity in R on Windows


This week we released version 3.0 of the curl R package to CRAN. You may have never used this package directly, but curl provides the foundation for most HTTP infrastructure in R, including httr, rvest, and all packages that build on it. If R packages need to go online, chances are traffic is going via curl. This release introduces an important change for Windows users: we are switching from OpenSSL to Secure Channel on Windows 7 / 2008-R2 and up. Let me explain this in a bit more detail.

Tor launches membership program to secure finance, boost integration


The Tor Project has launched the Tor Project Membership Program to secure the network's future by diversifying funding and deepening partnerships with other software providers. The non-profit's new scheme brings together Avast, DuckDuckGo, Insurgo, Mullvad VPN, and Team Cymru as founding members. The companies are all involved in the security and privacy realm and will help secure diverse funding sources. The Tor network reduces our digital footprints, prevents tracking, and can enhance our overall personal privacy. As Tor has increased in popularity, some third-party organizations now include integrated support for the network in their products.