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Vietnam's covid hospital

MIT Technology Review

Until the beginning of August, Vietnam, population 97 million, was the world's largest country with zero coronavirus deaths. A small number of people have died since then. The one- party state implemented aggressive quarantines. It also funneled most of its coronavirus patients into one central hospital in Saigon. It was in December 2019 when I first heard about the new virus in Wuhan.

One in four Covid patients in hospital for other reasons

BBC News

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: "The Health and Social Care Secretary asked for this data to help us better understand the impact of the vaccine programme on stopping people infected with Covid requiring hospital treatment.

Covid: The truth behind videos of 'empty' hospitals

BBC News

In response, the King's College NHS Trust say the parts of the hospital dealing with the pandemic are extremely busy: "This corridor is not representative of what is happening in wards across the hospital, which have seen a more than ten-fold increase in Covid admissions in the space of a month."