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L.A. Auto Show: The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo Concept is a retro electric reboot of the Microbus

FOX News

Volkswagen has a special delivery on the way in 2022. The I.D Buzz Cargo Concept unveiled at the L.A. Auto Show is a preview of an all-electric, autonomous commercial vehicle that's been greenlighted for production. Inspired by the classic VW Microbus, it coincidentally has its electric motor mounted in the rear, where it sits behind an under-floor battery pack that's good for over 300 miles of range between charges. An all-wheel-drive version is possible too, as VW has previously shown on a passenger version of the vehicle. VW is pitching the I.D. Buzz Cargo as a perfect solution for the growing parcel delivery industry that's been spurred by online shopping, and results in vans spending a lot of time sitting in city traffic wasting fuel.

Six folding electric bikes that fit practically anywhere


Imagine being able to carry a clean energy vehicle with you, just about wherever you go. Enter the folding electric bike. Battery-powered bicycles are on the rise as two-wheeled commuting gains popularity in places with heavy traffic and limited parking. Having the ability to fold up an e-bike and toss it in your trunk -- or even in a backpack -- expands your range of transportation options. There are a few big-name car companies like Ford and Volkswagen getting in on the action, while other innovations come from tech startups and university research groups.

Tesla Model S Rival Volkswagen's 2019 EV Features Impressive Charging Speed

International Business Times

Just days after Tesla introduced the Model S P100D, which Elon Musk's company claims to be the one of the fastest accelerating cars ever made, Volkswagen teased about its own first all-electric car that will possibly give the new Model S a run for its money in terms of charging speed. According to TechCrunch, the still unnamed EV will feature an impressive charging speed that can fuel the car to travel up to 300 miles on just a single charge of 15 minutes. This is considered impressive, since other electric cars, especially those with big batteries, require longer periods of charging. A good reference is Tesla's supercharger stations that take around 45 minutes just to replenish the battery of Tesla cars to 80 percent. While it is unlikely for Volkswagen to provide ample charging infrastructure capable of supporting the speedy charging feature of the 2019 Volkswagen EV, TechCrunch maintains that incorporating this quick-charging feature into its upcoming all-electric car alone is already a big statement from the carmaker that is still reeling from its emission scandal.


Daily Mail

The original's rattly, rear-mounted petrol engine and its charming back-to-basics features have been swapped for green electric motors and a host of hi-tech electronic gadgets. A Volkswagen spokesman said: 'While the driver relaxes, laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras monitor other road users and the surroundings.' But in advance of changes to the law to allow self-driving cars, there's also an automatic'lounge mode' that kicks in when the operator decides to let the car drive itself in'autonomous pilot mode' (concept image) Range on a full charge is around 373 miles with 80 per cent of the battery replenished in just half an hour's charge, the company says (concept image) Acceleration from nought to 60mph takes just five seconds but top speed is restricted to 99mph. A Volkswagen spokesman said: 'While the driver relaxes, laser scanners, ultrasonic and radar sensors and cameras monitor other road users and the surroundings' (concept image)

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Cargo electric van delivers the goods with retro style

FOX News

Volkswagen's work truck of the future has a very retro look. The I.D. Buzz Cargo is a commercial panel van version of the automaker's upcoming Microbus-inspired electric minivan, which is set to go on sale by 2022. The Cargo model may hit the road a year before that, VW says, with a three-passenger front bench seat, a likely range of over 200 miles and the ability to charge to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. Inside it's equipped with a cargo tracking system with the ability to identify and illuminate whatever the operator is looking for in order to improve efficiency. That is if there is an operator.