Volvo's keyless app will let you lend your car to friends remotely


Starting with its 2017 model, Volvo will be the world's first automaker to offer keyless cars. Instead, owners will use a smartphone app to unlock and start the engine. The app also gives you the option to lend out your car to friends remotely.


Daily Mail

Amazon has announced Amazon Key, a lock and camera system that users control remotely to let delivery associates slip goods into their houses. Customers can create temporary passcodes for friends and other services professionals to enter as well. The move may help Amazon capture sales from shoppers who can't make it home to receive an order in person, and don't want the package stolen from their doorstep. Amazon Prime members can pay $249.99 (£190) and up for a cloud-controlled camera and lock that the company offers to install. Delivery associates are told to ring a doorbell or knock when they arrive at someone's house.

BMW remotely locks a thief inside a car


Here's an unexpected perk of owning a tech-savvy car: it can serve as an impromptu jail. When a Seattle-area BMW 550i owner's car was stolen from a parking garage, police got BMW to remotely lock the luxury sedan while the thief was sleeping inside with the motor running. The culprit briefly tried to drive away when police woke him up, but it's not as if he could get very far being trapped in the cabin. This sort of incident isn't very likely to happen, as you might have gathered. The thief only got in because a friend borrowing the 550i had left a key fob inside, and it's not very common that a thief is foolish enough to sleep inside a car shortly after the theft (especially with the engine on).

Boeing 757 controls remotely hacked while on the runway

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Robert Hickey, a Homeland Security cyber investigator, said his team used a combination of radio frequency communication to hack into the craft, but that details of the breach remain classified. Switching the code in avionics equipment could take up to a year to fix and cost up to £1 million ($1.3 million), he added. During the 2016 hacking of the aircraft, a Boeing official was present. A Boeing official said the test is unlikely to indicate a major threat to airliners. This is because the hacking involved using specific attack methods on older aircraft with older systems, they said.

Vermont Is Paying People to Move There and Work Remotely

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Under the Remote Worker Grant Program, Vermont will pay people $5,000 per year for up to two years -- the second year's payment, which is not guaranteed, depends on whether participants have additional relocation or work expenses and re-apply for the grant. The program has a $125,000 budget, and applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, says Joan Goldstein, commissioner of the Vermont Department of Economic Development.