Atlanta United Aims for Playoffs in MLS Expansion Season

U.S. News

"I think you know what you're getting involved with the predecessors of other expansion teams and their success early on, but that being said I don't think Atlanta United is like any other expansion team," Parkhurst said. "The way that they've set themselves up on and off the field is just a lot different than their predecessors. I think the expectations for us on the field are different as well."

'The Division' Year 2 DLC: Two Free Expansions Coming

International Business Times

Game developer Massive Entertainment has announced that "Tom Clancy's The Division" will receive two free expansions for its second year of updates. "We are looking to reengage the players in light of the first year celebration for'The Division' by recommitting ourselves to the game in the upcoming 12 months," creative director Julian Gerighty told Game Rant. "We will be delivering two separate expansion packs for the game free to everybody in the next 12 months." "The Division" celebrates its one year mark today, and Massive will be hosting a special livestream event to mark the occasion. Developers from the studio will also be providing fans with more details on what to expect for the games second year of DLCs.

Saver IO Expansion Board For Intel Edison


IO Expansion Board For Intel Edison Description: IO Expansion Shield is one of the market favorites. Fast robotics prototyping made affordable and simple thanks to this design. Soldering and wiring often becomes a problem when a bridged connection happens and components break sometimes, increasing time and cost. The IO Expansion Shield for Edison extends Edison's powerful scope into sensing the physical world, and prepares it ready for interaction through wireless communication. This IO expansion board for Edison is compatible with Arduino open source platform and Linux, and supports Java and C development environment.

E3 2018: 'Sea Of Thieves' Upcoming Expansions Feature Skeleton Crews, Apocalyptic Land

International Business Times

At E3 2018, Rare released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming "Sea of Thieves" expansions, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. By the looks of things, the two new DLC packs will bring in more exciting elements to the multiplayer sandbox game. The promotional clip gives a cinematic look at what's in store for the upcoming updates. Cursed Sails will introduce skeleton crews that will rise from the depths to curse the seas.

State panel backs expansion of Yambaru park in Okinawa

The Japan Times

A government panel on Monday called for integrating a forest area in northern Okinawa, including land returned by the U.S. military, with an adjacent national park to better conserve the environment. The panel asked the Environment Ministry incorporate some 3,700 hectares of forest area partly used as a U.S. training site into Yambaru National Park at the northern end of the main island of Okinawa. The U.S. returned the land in December 2016. The national park boasts one of the largest subtropical forests in Japan and provides habitats for species endemic to Yambaru, such as the endangered Okinawa rail and Okinawa woodpecker. Adding the new land would bring the area covered by the park to about 20,000 hectares.