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The 5G report card: Building today's smart IoT ecosystem


Almost every presentation began apologetically with the refrain, "In a 5G world" practically challenging the industry's rollout goals. At one point Brigitte Daniel-Corbin, IoT Strategist with Wilco Electronic Systems, sensed the need to reassure the audience by exclaiming, 'its not a matter of if, but when 5G will happen!' Frontier Tech pundits too often prematurely predict hyperbolic adoption cycles, falling into the trap of most soothsaying visions. The IoTC Summit's ability to pull back the curtain left its audience empowered with a sober roadmap forward that will ultimately drive greater innovation and profit. The industry frustration is understandable as China announced earlier this month that 5G is now commercially available in 50 cities, including: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

What will live entertainment look like after COVID-19? Hybrid events for in-person and streaming crowds, plus more Zoom

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Americans are getting COVID-19 vaccinations in record numbers. Music venues and comedy clubs have begun preparations to reopen. Many of us are suffering Zoom fatigue will soon be able to get off the couch or out of our home office chair, abandon those livestream events and hotfoot it to the clubs. For starters, not all venues are opening 100%, which makes sense considering only about 19% of Americans are fully vaccinated. "It really felt like we were just sitting in Brandi's home," said Mark Neese of Okemos, Michigan, about streaming Brandi Carlile's Christmas show in December.

How The VR Concert Industry Is Boldly Jockeying For A Slice Of A Projected $660M Pie

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Shock waves recently jolted the tech industry after reports hit earlier this month that Facebook was shutting down 200 of its 500 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) pop-up stores in certain retail locations around the country. This drastic action was rumored to be taken due, in large part, to underwhelming interest from the public. This is a game that has only yet begun to be played. It includes various access options and a number of content possibilities most of which have not yet even been seen. And, one specific content segment is particularly compelling because it has the potential of truly driving the next level of adoption VR in a very cool way: music concerts.

For musicians and their fans, virtual events are the next best thing to being there

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When Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jason Isbell released a new album "Reunions" on May 15, he and his wife played the new songs on a live stream performance held at Nashville's Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling alley and live events venue. He and wife Amanda Shires, an accomplished musician herself who shared in the Grammy for Isbell & the 400 Unit's 2017 album "The Nashville Sound," could see some fans who tuned into the performance on several big-screen displays . "I really love this interactive where we can see everybody," said Shires, who had orchestrated her own daily online "I So Lounging" online gigs during March and April from the barn on the couple's property. "We didn't have that with the barn shows. Later, when some of the fans watching online could be heard clapping, Isbell said, "I just heard ya'll.

Why AI and VR Startups Should Be Targeting the Music Industry


Virtual reality and artificial intelligence, once limited to video game and programming curiosities, have shed their humble beginnings and are now poised to take over everything from the way we drive to the way we work. The more than 1,325 VR startups on have an average valuation of $5 million. That's more than $6.6 billion in startup VR funds alone, not to mention all the established companies working feverishly to develop their own VR solutions. With the VR market poised to reach $70 billion by 2020 -- up from $6.7 billion in 2016 -- everyone now wants a slice of a pie that's suddenly much bigger than expected. From IBM's Watson to the Alexa and Google assistants now found in homes around the world, the ascension of AI in popular culture has been no secret.