Collaborating Authors Debuts Test Robot for Voice AI Hardware and Software -

#artificialintelligence has developed a Test Robot that performs analog tests on voice-based hardware and software, mimicking human testing. The new robot extends Bespoken's voice testing beyond voice apps in a way that's necessary as voice technology companies and their ideas proliferate. Bespoken is best known for its virtual diagnostic tool, which is used by thousands of developers on most voice platforms to test, troubleshoot, and monitor voice apps for problems. The Test Robot goes beyond that function and into the realm of hardware by essentially recreating the way humans talk to voice apps, as can be seen in the test video at the top. The device can handle voice apps built on custom voice platforms as well as existing ones like those created by Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung.

Ohmni: An Easy-to-Use Telepresence Robot That's (Sort of) Affordable

IEEE Spectrum Robotics

Yesterday, OhmniLabs (a robotics startup based in Santa Clara, Calif.) launched a new consumer telepresence robot on Indiegogo called Ohmni. With a lightweight design, integrated screen, and easy to use software, Ohmni is designed to be the most accessible (and affordable) mobile telepresence robot yet. Ohmni is heavily focused on ease of use, which is always a good idea when developing a robot for consumers. It arrives completely assembled (folded in half), and setup consists of unfolding it, meaning that you can send it to a relative with minimal computer experience and not have to worry. The display, audio, and video hardware are all integrated, so there's nothing to mess with there, either.

Towards Robot Systems Architecture

AAAI Conferences

Just as special purpose computers and mainframes grew into the generalpurpose personal computers we use everyday, special purpose industrialrobots are evolving into more general purpose personal robots. Asrobots become more capable and universal, their applications are lesswell-defined or even unknown at design time. We will have to designrobots for classes of tasks rather than specific applications. Havingguidelines for how to best organize, interface, and implement robotsystems and reason about trade-offs, as we do in computerarchitecture, will become crucial for success. In this paper weintroduce and adapt some useful notions and principles from computerarchitecture to robot systems architecture. We argue that notions suchas locality of reference, balanced architectures, and boundedness (interms of IO, memory, and CPU) can be leveraged in robot systemsdesign, and in particular, in the design of distributed robot systems.

UiPath Toughens Software Robots As Core Platform Widens


PENRYN, ENGLAND - MAY 09: Engineered Arts prosthetic expert Mike Humphrey checks on Fred a recently ... [ ] completed Mesmer robot that was built at the company's headquarters in Penryn on May 9, 2018 in Cornwall, England. Founded in 2004, the Cornish company operating from an industrial unit near Falmouth, is a world leader in life sized commercial available humanoid robots for entertainment, information, education and research. The company has successfully sold its the fully interactive and multilingual RoboThespian robot around the world to science centres, theme parks and visitor attractions, and also to academic and commercial research groups where they are used as research and development platforms. However, more recently the company has been building a range of lifelike bio-mechanical Mesmer robots. Built on the sensors and the extensive software framework already developed for RoboThespian, the Mesmer robots can offer some of the smartest animatronics on the market, giving extensive interaction but can also move very smoothly, quietly and naturally too.

Firm builds artificial intelligence toolkits for companies to use


The team: Dutt, who has a background in theoretical physics and has done software-development work at Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Intel, oversees an 11-person team that includes software developers, mathematicians, data-science experts and a psychologist. "What's nice about the Seattle area is there's a growing job force, and talent in educated people who are skilled at doing these kinds of things," Dutt said. Not quite robots: Artificial intelligence is a pretty broad term (and often misused, industry insiders say). When Dimensional execs say A.I., they don't mean a fully conversant robot that can also fold your laundry. Instead, they're building a software platform that provides off-the-shelf pattern recognition and analysis tools.