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In Davos, Merkel Says Isolation Not the Answer

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DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on Wednesday that isolationism and protectionism were not solutions to the economic challenges facing countries around the world.

Trump to Face Mixed Welcome at Elite Davos Gathering

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Some have suggested it's ironic that Trump, a self-styled populist despite his penchant for the penthouse, is attending the elite Alpine event. Others speculated he could have felt a need to regain the Davos spotlight for the United States a year after Chinese President Xi Jinping stole the show by casting China as a champion of free trade and stability -- and many companies responded by turning greater attention toward it.

Davos explained: In 90 seconds

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The countdown is on as the World Economic Forum kicks off its annual meeting in the alpine resort of Davos. Thousands of business leaders and policymakers attend. Among them is Donald Trump - the first time in almost 20 years a sitting US President is going.

If We Don't Stop The AI Fearmongering We'll Have a Lot More To Fear


Artificial intelligence is the rare kind of issue that can turn an event as broad and all-encompassing as Davos on its head. This year, AI grabbed hold of the Swiss outpost and supercharged the conversation with a palpable shift in tone. In just one day, more than 20 news dispatches about AI came out of Davos in Bloomberg alone. It's not hard to understand our AI obsession: For years, many of Silicon Valley's highest-profile leaders, from Elon Musk and Marc Benioff to Bill Gates, have issued warnings about coming waves of automation, saying that they could threaten our jobs and ways of life. This year's World Economic Forum gathering in Davos included some of that alarmism.

Relations Between Trump, Global Elites Seem to Thaw at Davos

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Taking time for some diplomacy along the way, Trump exuded affection in a Thursday meeting with close ally Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and earlier played nice with British Prime Minister Theresa May, batting away the idea of a strained relationship. On Friday, he worked to mend relations with a key African leader following his use of a vulgar term when referring to African nations. Rwandan President Paul Kagame said they had "good discussions" on economic and trade issues.