How AI Can Be the Key To More Efficient Smartphone Processors

International Business Times

The company claims that its processor will outperform offerings from major smartphone companies such as Samsung and Apple. "Compared with Samsung and Apple, we have advantages. Users are in for much faster (feature) performance, longer battery life and more compact design," Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei Consumer Business said in an interview at IFA 2017 in Berlin on Sunday. The Kirin 970 is expected to be faster and more battery-efficient. "Huawei describes the new chip as the first Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for smartphones.

Introduction to ARM Processors


A microprocessor system consists of a microprocessor with memory, input ports and output ports connected to it externally. A microcontroller is a single chip containing a microprocessor, memory, input ports and output ports. Since all four blocks reside on the one chip, a microcontroller is much faster than a microprocessor system. We have several other basic microcontroller families such as PIC, M68HCXX, and AVR etc. All these basic microcontrollers are useful for implementing basic interfacing and control mechanisms for simple applications.

Intel's ominous future


If you're old enough to remember when personal computers first became a household item, you're probably familiar with the company Intel.

A word processing software for wannabe novelists


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Microsoft Word may be the 800-pound gorilla of word processors, but that doesn't necessarily make it the best. It's slow, bloated, and expensive and lacks many modern features like autosave, document versioning, and access to iCloud. Plus, if you're doing any kind of long-form writing with multiple chapters, it doesn't have any organization system – so good luck keeping all your stories straight while you're writing the great American novel. If you're looking to upgrade to a more user-friendly word processor, the Nisus Writer Pro might be a good place to start.

NEC Claims Vector CPU Outperforms Spark


An arms race is shaping up in the machine-learning sector with the claim by NEC Corp. that its approach based on its vector processor accelerates data processing by more than a factor of 50 compared to the Apache Spark cluster-computing framework. The Japanese computer and IT vendor (NEC; TSE: 6701) said this week its vector processor leverages "sparse matrix" data structures to accelerate processor performance in executing machine learning algorithms. NEC said it also developed middleware incorporating sparse matrix structures to simplify machine-learning tasks. The middleware can be launched from Python or Spark platforms in the same format as the machine-learning library, it added. The vector processing approach would extend "low-cost analysis" to more users since it reduces the number of servers required for "large-scale data analysis that was formerly only available to large companies," Yuichi Nakamura, general manager of NEC's System Platform Research Laboratories, noted in a statement.