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Scopes of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Banking & Financial Services ML & AI - The Future of Fintechs


Whether financial institutions are looking for improved customer service, risk management, fraud prevention, investment prediction or cybersecurity, the scopes of machine learning and artificial intelligence are limitless. In the modern era of the digital economy, technological advancements are no longer a luxury for the organizations, but a necessity to outsmart their competitors and business growth. With the technological advancements in the recent times, the impact of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are very critical than ever before. Previously, we discussed the scopes of big data and data science in banking and financial services. In this article will explain in detail about ML and AI, and their scopes in banking and financial services. Apparently, in order to be successful and making an impact, the banks and financial institutions need to make machine learning and artificial intelligence an expansion of their big data and data analytics approach. In this post, we will look into the Scopes of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Financial Services.

How FinTech Initiatives Are Driving Financial Services Innovation


It was on this date, July 11, in the year 1804 in Weehawken, New Jersey, that Alexander Hamilton, architect of the American financial system, met his fate at the hands of Aaron Burr. Some would argue that the financial services industry has changed very little since then. Change has some slowly to financial services, and innovation has proceeded at an evolutionary, some would say glacial, pace. That may be changing however. Recent decades have born witness to the introduction of technology solutions that have accelerated the transformation of consumer experience.

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services


Financial organizations have realized that they can apply the advanced analytics for their internal as well as external benefits as they have large datasets and experience with the analytical tools. If you are looking for Artificial Intelligence Company for Banking and Finance Sector, Webtunix is Right Choice for you to offer Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services and Banking Sector. Machine learning applications are improving banking, payment systems, and more powerful insights into the financial sector every day. Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services and Machine learning as a service is making the banking and financial sector smarter. Smarter means that they can have better customer insights and improved customer experience.

Britain's Brexit Plan Will Damage Financial Services: City of London Boss

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In a major policy shift, Britain has abandoned a plan for close ties with the EU for financial services, instead saying it would push to improve the EU's legal mechanism for access to countries outside the bloc known as "equivalence," where access is patchy and can be revoked at short notice.

How IoT, AI and Blockchain will revolutionize financial services - ET CIO


It's in the Bee Movie that we have our first encounter with the concept of Colony Collapse Disorder. The 2007 animated comedy film depicts the phenomenon of a mass disappearance of worker honey from the hive. In the film, bees, who generally, function as a very centralized organization decide to disappear from the beehive, leaving behind the queen bee. Without bees, the production of honey, fruits, agricultural crops, flowers and vegetables is hit because they are primarily responsible for pollination. Vittorio D'Orazio, Research Director- Banking and Investment Services, Gartner believes that the financial services industry is in the midst of a colony collapse disorder, as its delivery model changes in response to digital disruptions.