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Secure your dream job with this innovative CV software


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Rezi Résumé Software: Pro is on sale for £22.93 as of June 10, saving you 94% on list price. Are you looking for a job and in the mood to feel extremely disheartened? Then head to LinkedIn, find a job listing you're qualified for, and check how many applicants have already sent off their CVs. We're guessing the number you're staring at is in the hundreds or even the thousands. If you're a perennial optimist, you may be thinking "Well, someone has to get the job.

Applying for jobs? You need this $35 résumé app.


TL;DR: Get a step closer to your dream job with a lifetime subscription to the Resoume Resumé Creator for $34.99, a 63% savings as of Aug. 12. Hunting for a job is brutal, especially in this economy. Don't make it harder on yourself by using a résumé you made years ago (yes, it's time to remove your high school club affiliations). Sure, redesigning your résumé, writing cover letters, and going through any other number of job application hurdles is annoying, but we're here to tell you that Resoume Resumé Creator will make it easier. SEE ALSO: When looking for a new job, there are certain things you'll need to know Resoume is an affordable and easy-to-use platform that can help you create a résumé, cover letter, portfolio, and more without doing much of anything. If you already have your work experience written out on LinkedIn, you won't need to waste time starting from scratch. You'll simply upload your information to Resoume, choose a theme, colors, and fonts, and you'll quickly have a job application you can be confident in.

How artificial intelligence is transforming the recruitment process


The series: We look at decision makers among Canada's mid-sized companies who took successful action in a competitive global digital economy. Angela Payne, general manager at Monster Canada, says it's very hard to look at your own résumé and put yourself in the best light, adding it's easier when another set of eyes can do that for you, even virtual ones. "It's difficult and nobody really loves the process. It can be very lonely, so it's imperative that organizations like us can help make it as seamless as possible." For the past couple of years, at Monster Canada's headquarters in Montreal, the company has been preparing for a massive technological change in the recruitment industry.

5 secrets to get you past the résumé-reading robots


When you apply for a new job, it may surprise you to learn that the first person to read your résumé is often not a person at all. Especially in today's job market, it is not uncommon for there to be up to 250 applicants for a single job. Because of the sheer volume, 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage each step of the hiring process. ATSes rely on automated robot résumé readers that utilize keyword searches to scan applications quickly and, theoretically, pass the most qualified résumé along to human recruiters and hiring managers. To help job seekers navigate these systems, Randstad RiseSmart's certified résumé writers are constantly analyzing how résumés are evaluated by ATS robots, and we've found that résumés with the exact same content can be ranked differently depending on how ATS-friendly the formatting is.

When looking for a new job, there are certain things you'll need to know


Is your job search as desperate as your dating life? As of January 2020, 3.6% of Americans were unemployed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By April, the rate escalated to 14.7%, presumably because of COVID-19-related layoffs, and has hit 11% as of this writing. These numbers obviously fluctuate all the time, but one thing remains the same: People will always be looking for jobs. And with all the competition out there, you should probably work on your résumé -- and a few other things -- to score the position.