Sengled Element Touch review: A quirky, but inexpensive ZigBee bulb


The Sengled Element Touch is a ZigBee-compatible bulb with a few modestly compelling bells and whistles. The big one has nothing to do with "smart" anything at all; in fact, it's rather old-school-dumb, taking the form of a small button built in to the bulb itself. Yes, with the Element Touch there are never more than four button presses between you and turning out a light. The bulb isn't manually tunable, but it does change temperature based on that brightness. This steps down as the bulb is dimmed until you hit 25 percent, where temperature hits a warm 2700K.

Introduction to ggplot2 -- the grammar


Description: With themes it is possible to control non-data elements on the graph. With this component we don't change a type of graph, scaling definition or used aesthetics. Instead of that, we are changing things like fonts, ticks, panel strips and background colors.

From Multimodal to Unimodal Webpages for Developing Countries Machine Learning

The multimodal web elements such as text and images are associated with inherent memory costs to store and transfer over the Internet. With the limited network connectivity in developing countries, webpage rendering gets delayed in the presence of high-memory demanding elements such as images (relative to text). To overcome this limitation, we propose a Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) based computational approach to replace high-cost modality with an equivalent low-cost modality. Our model learns a common subspace for low-cost and high-cost modalities that maximizes the correlation between their visual features. The obtained common subspace is used for determining the low-cost (text) element of a given high-cost (image) element for the replacement. We analyze the cost-saving performance of the proposed approach through an eye-tracking experiment conducted on real-world webpages. Our approach reduces the memory-cost by at least 83.35% by replacing images with text.

Sengled Pulse Solo review: You can put a JBL speaker in your lamp. Question is, should you?


In 2016, the idea of controlling a light bulb from your smartphone is old hat. Controlling said bulb and streaming music to its built-in speakers is, apparently, all the rage. The 59 Sengled Pulse Solo ( 43 from Amazon as of this story's writing) is one such product. Using Sengled's companion Android or iOS app, you can control the LED bulb's brightness and adjust volume as needed. So, is a Bluetooth-connected, 550-lumen (50-watt equivalent), dimmable, warm white (2700K) LED bulb with an integrated speaker you can stream your favorite tunes to all it's cracked up to be? Kind of.

Nix has upgraded their already awesome color sensors — and they're on sale


We've posted about the Nix Mini Color Sensor before: a pocket-sized device that will tell you the color of any physical object. If you've ever struggled to match the color of a real-world object to the color of a digital object (or vice-versa), then you'll quickly realize just how revolutionary this tool is. Nix has recently released a new and improved version – the Nix Pro Color Sensor – that takes everything that was great about the Nix Mini Color Sensor and adds several game-changing new features. While the original Nix limited you to a handful of pre-existing color libraries, the Nix Pro lets you import your own custom color libraries and use those for color matching. Whether you're a lab professional, a color consultant, or just an all-purpose color nerd, this will significantly improve your color game.