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Data Science is Where to Find the Most AI Jobs and Highest Salaries - AI Trends


Jobs in data science grew nearly 46% in 2020, with salaries in the range of $100,000 to $130,000 annually, according to a recent account in TechRepublic based on information from LinkedIn and LHH, formerly Lee Hecht Harrison, a global provider of talent and leadership development. Related job titles include data science specialist and data management analyst. Novacoast, which helps organizations build a cybersecurity posture through engineering, development, and managed services. Founded in 1996 in Santa Barbara, the company has many remote employees and a presence in the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Guatemala. The company offers a security operations center (SOC) cloud offering called novaSOC, that analyzes emerging challenges.

Where the tech jobs are -- and will be in the future ZDNet


Digital transformation is increasing demand for skills in key technology areas including cyber security, cloud services, data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and converged infrastructure, according to a report to be released today by research firm International Data Corp (IDC) with sponsorship from networking technology company Cisco. See also: Digital Transformation: A CXO's Guide Factors such as the proliferation of network-connected devices, the adoption of cloud services, and the exponential rise in security threats are affecting hiring trends, said the study, 20 Most Significant IT Roles You Should Consider. It's based on a global survey of IT hiring managers, examining nearly two million IT job postings for requested skills. The technology trends that are increasing demand for skills across all types of IT roles include cybersecurity/data security, cloud solutions/technologies, data analysis/visualization, big data, IoT, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtualization/software defined infrastructure, and converged infrastructure. Digital transformation efforts require that organizations maintain a technical workforce that has an intimate understanding of the latest technologies, opportunities, and threats that impact their ability to innovate, improve processes, and ensure customer success, the report noted.

The Must-Have Tech Skills That Help You Get Hired at Amazon


In the world of digital where everything is connected to the internet, Amazon has emerged as a revolutionary platform and changed the way people do shopping. The e-commerce behemoth is referred to as the most influential economic and cultural force in the world. Initially known for online bookselling, Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the e-commerce and IT sector today. It has significantly escalated up its expansion into more industries and markets over the years. As Amazon is relentlessly expanding its business, it is also generating more and more job opportunities in the world.

The 5 AI jobs with the highest salaries


Demand for artificial intelligence (AI) jobs grew 29% in the last year, though has begun to slow down from years prior, according to new data from job search site Indeed. With more open jobs than qualified candidates to fill them, many AI-related roles command large salaries, Indeed found. Machine learning engineers are the most in-demand AI job based on the number of job postings, and also are offered the highest paycheck on average. They are also the professionals with the largest boost in salary year over year, the data showed. SEE: Artificial intelligence: A business leader's guide (free PDF) (TechRepublic) Machine learning engineers were the third-highest paying job in Indeed's previous two rankings.

We're in hottest job market for tech workers since dot-com era


Software talent, it seems, is in such high demand that companies are morphing how they hire. And workers are the ones with the power. Good and experienced tech workers are being treated like local celebrities -- hounded by recruiters, courted by managers and bestowed a bevy of options before choosing their next boss. "It makes you feel like you're amazing, when really … you're just another software engineer that's looking for a job," said Henry Chesnutt, who just moved back to San Diego from San Francisco to work at the rapidly growing tech startup Flock Freight. The job outlook for workers like Chesnutt has been good for much of the past decade.