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Quantum computing just got its first developer certification. Time to start studying?


Candidates will have to prove during the test that they can create and execute quantum computing programs using IBM's Qiskit. Developers can now be officially quantum-certified. IBM has unveiled a quantum developer certification which it says, once devs have passed the 60-question test, will act as proof of at least some of the skills required to build and run quantum programs. The certification, unsurprisingly, focuses on IBM's own quantum computing software development kit (SDK), Qiskit, which is an open-source platform based on Python scripts that enables developers to carry out a range of quantum experiments, from prototyping quantum algorithms to executing code on cloud-based quantum devices. Candidates to the new certification will have to prove during the test that they can create and execute quantum computing programs on IBM computers and simulators using Qiskit.

Chances are You Don't Have a Quantum Computer, but IBM Will let you Use One


There are many simulation and optimization problems that are difficult or impossible to solve using your existing computing resources. You do not have a quantum computer, which may be able to solve them, and you do not expect your company to get one soon. You are not alone, but don't worry IBM will let you use their quantum computing resources to make a start in formulating their solutions. For years, quantum computing was little more than an idea that fascinated computer scientists. Now it is offering direct utility for researchers and engineers even before the promise of a large-scale universal quantum computer is fulfilled.

Domain Experts, Welcome to Quantum: Introducing QISKit ACQUA - DZone AI


Working with real quantum computers just got easier for experts in chemistry, artificial intelligence, and optimization. Building on QISKit, our open source quantum information science kit for software development, we've released ACQUA -- Algorithms and Circuits for Quantum Applications. This new open source software allows classical computer applications to send complex operations to be run on quantum computers, over the cloud. Let me start by explaining the quantum software stack, and where QISKit and ACQUA fit. At the lowest level is the hardware where the qubits sit at the very cold temperature of 15 mK.

The Qiskit Global Summer School is returning with a focus on Quantum Machine Learning


Mark your calendar: The Qiskit Global Summer School is back, July 12-23, 2021! Last year, the IBM Quantum team made history by hosting a free, virtual quantum computing crash course for over 4,000 learners. This year, we're hoping to host another 4,000 students -- now with a focus on quantum machine learning (QML). This year's Qiskit Global Summer School will feature two weeks of live lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions where students can apply what they've learned using Qiskit code using the new Qiskit machine learning application module. Lectures will begin with an introduction to quantum computing and simple quantum algorithms, before diving into the foundations of classical machine learning and understanding how these concepts translate to quantum computing.

IBM's new quantum computing certificate can help you break into the industry, and the study materials are free


When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Quantum computing, boasting a $96,897 average salary, is poised to become a reported $65 billion industry by 2030. It's also an emerging industry with unique skill sets, which can make it tough to know exactly who's qualified enough to work in the field. "Throughout the developing quantum industry in general, there are no standard skills that people look at and use as metrics for hiring," said Dr. Abe Asfaw, IBM's Global Lead of Quantum Education and Open Science. To help standardize this new and exciting field, IBM formed the first Quantum Computing Certification to define and test universal foundational skills. Having the IBM certification on your LinkedIn and resume can quickly show employers that you've mastered the essential quantum computing skills.