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Apple approves third-party repair shops to fix macs - Ladoveteck


Today, Apple Inc has announced an expansion of its Independent repair provider Program to include Mac products. This means the program will provide parts and training to qualified independent repair shops. Apple launched the program last year in the US, but it only covered iPhones. Later on, it expanded this repair program into Europe and Canada. Now around 140 repair stores with 700 locations have reportedly signed up.

No, you shouldn't be allowed to fix your own phone, 'Right-to-Repair' is a dumb idea


My co-worker, Tracey, held her iPhone like a baby bird with a bent wing. I stared at the dark screen. The device was still on, but stuck between the worlds of being living technology, and a busted iPhone. She explained that while making a phone call shortly after having third-party iPhone screen repair company iCracked replace her shattered iPhone 6 screen, the device made a popping sound, and got really hot in one corner. Then, her screen cracked, and burnt her ear.

Implementing Troubleshooting with Batch Repair

AAAI Conferences

Recent work has raised the challenge of efficient automated troubleshooting in domains where repairing a set of components in a single repair action is cheaper than repairing each of them separately. This corresponds to cases where there is a non-negligible overhead to initiating a repair action and to testing the system after a repair action. In this work we propose several algorithms for choosing which batch of components to repair, so as to minimize the overall repair costs. Experimentally, we show the benefit of these algorithms over repairing components one at a time.

Wearing socks to bed is fine, you monsters


There are certain things that humans -- or enough loud people, anyway -- respect as universal truths. Wearing socks to bed is terrible and should be a crime. The first two are absolutely inarguable, but, friends ... sometimes wearing socks to bed is nice. If you suffer from dry skin or are constantly cold, it can be even nicer. Here's how to make it replace your personality First, sock haters, I ask you to think of your sleep cycle.

Tougher, Better, Faster, Stretchier: The technology behind clothing and fabric


The clothes on your back don't just make you look good. They keep you warm and dry, make movement easier and make your life better. Fabric technology has a huge impact your day-to-day. From early advances with chemistry that gave us synthetic fabrics to treatments that are revolutionizing the idea of what clothing can do, textile tech is expanding to new and exciting places. Here we'll explore the technology behind these advances, take a look at how far we've come and peek ahead to see where we're going.