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Woman Charged With Embezzling From Parent Teacher Group

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Police charged 41-year-old Jeni Shean, of Maine, with second-degree larceny Nov. 18. Authorities launched an investigation after they received a complaint from the Winchester Parent Teacher Organization in May about discrepancies in their records.

A normal student parent


"I don't know if you'll be able to reach her," the student said. I was in the first year of my master's program, preparing to be a teaching assistant by contacting students who had taken the course in previous years. This student had recommended that I connect with the graduate student who had taught the course when he took it, but now he was backtracking. "She was pregnant when she taught the class. She must be on leave now."

Google Parent Launches Cybersecurity Firm WSJD - Technology

"We want to 10x the speed and impact of security teams' work by making it much easier, faster and more cost-effective for them to capture and analyze security signals that have previously been too difficult and expensive to find," he said in a blog post.

Scientists reveal how the six styles of care can impact your child's success

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The saying goes: 'It doesn't matter where you came from. All that matters is where you're going.' But new research suggests that this might not be the case. A study now suggests that children of supportive parents are richer and happier in later life. Researchers from Kobe University in Japan found that mothers and fathers who help their children in their early years ensure they have higher salaries when they grow up.