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'More electricity to come from renewables than fossil fuels in 2019', National Grid claims

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Britain will produce more electricity from zero carbon energy sources sources than fossil fuels in 2019, experts from the National Grid predict. If true, this will be the first time since the Industrial Revolution that this has been the case, they say. The feat will be achieved through greater reliance on cleaner energy sources, it's claimed - including wind, solar, nuclear and hydro power Britain will produce more electricity from zero carbon energy sources sources than fossil fuels in 2019, experts from the National Grid predict. Experts from the National Grid, based in London, analysed annual power generation data from the last decade to make the finding. Britain's energy system is in the midst of a rapid and complex transformation, with the government recently announcing that it aims to go'net zero' on emissions.

More than 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year will be sucked out of the atmosphere

Daily Mail - Science & tech

A total of more than 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere every year as part of a carbon capture scheme. A total of £22million of Government money has been promised to help a variety of schemes which will see the greenhouse gas and other chemicals extracted from the atmosphere. It can then be turned into useful products such as eye drops, beer and Pot Noodles. One plant in Cheshire will capture the equivalent emissions of 20,000 cars in a year and is scheduled for 2021. Tata Chemicals Europe hosted an event at the site in Winnington, Cheshire to announce the project.

British carbon tax has led to a 93 per cent drop in coal-fired electricity since 2013

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Britain's carbon tax has led to a 93 per cent drop in the use of coal-fired electricity since it was first rolled out back in 2013, a report has found. This decreasing reliance on coal -- which accelerated after the tax was raised back in 2018 -- has seen the UK make use of less emission-heavy power sources like gas. Energy was also supplied from renewable sources and imports from Europe. Experts from the University of Cambridge and University College London (UCL) also found that the tax increased household electricity bills by £39 on average in 2018. This is believed to have collected around £740 million for Her Majesty's Treasury.

Apple to be '100% carbon neutral' across business by 2030

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Tech giant Apple has said it will be 100 per cent carbon neutral by 2030 by offsetting emissions of the greenhouse gas from its operations. The iPhone maker said it will have a net zero carbon footprint in 10 years across its entire business, including its manufacturing supply chain. Apple is already carbon neutral for its global corporate operations, such as its offices and data centres, which are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. But this new commitment means every Apple device sold, including iPhones and Mac computers, will have net zero climate impact, according to the company. Apple's most recent environmental report, covering the fiscal year 2018, put its carbon footprint at 25.2 million tons.

Vodafone brings its 100% renewable electricity target forward to July 2021

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Mobile giant Vodafone has brought forward its target to have its entire European network to be powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity. The telco will create a green network for customers across 11 European markets using only power from wind, solar or hydro sources by no later than July 2021. This is more than four years earlier than its previous renewable target date for Europe of December 31, 2025. The targets will help the UK's telco sector shift its power supply away from carbon-generating sources, such as coal-fire power stations. Rival telco EE, which is owned by BT Group, is already wholly powered by renewable energy, although its one and only market is the UK.