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Twitter mourns the passing of President Joe Biden's beloved dog, Champ


On Saturday, President Biden announced on Twitter that his family's beloved dog, Champ, had passed away at 13 years old. Our family lost our loving companion Champ today. "Champ" quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, with people expressing their condolences and sadness over the pup's death, who was the older brother to Major, the youngest Biden dog. The handwritten note I got back "from Major & Champ" after I left treats for them at their local pet store in Delaware . I'm sad for president Biden and family who lost their beloved Champ Rest In Peace champ.

The internet loves Joe Biden's very good dogs, Major and Champ


If the internet loves anything, it's a good pup. And President-elect Joe Biden has two. Folks online have become especially enamored with Major, a big ol' German shepherd Biden adopted in 2018. Look at this good boy -- who will be the first adopted dog in the White House. Look at head-tilt and smile.

Twitter celebrates another victory: Dogs back in the White House


As celebrators flood the streets and gleefreshing becomes a national past-time, Dog Twitter (aka most of Twitter) has been celebrating the return of canines to the executive branch. After four long dog-less years under the Trump administration (wonder why), the Biden family brings with them Major and Champ -- two very good, very large German Shepherds. THERE WILL BE DOGS IN THE WHITE HOUSE AGAIN!! Champ, the older of the two, has been with the family since 2008 when Biden came to the White House as former President Barack Obama's VP. Major, however, only joined the family in 2018 after the Bidens adopted him from the Delaware Humane Society -- reportedly, making the presidential pup the first rescue dog to live in the White House. This is Major and Champ.

Bidens' Dog Champ Dies at 13: "Our Sweet, Good Boy"


The president and first lady said their "hearts are heavy" as they bid farewell to their dog Champ, who died on Saturday. Champ, the 13-year-old German shepherd, had been with the Bidens since 2008 and died "peacefully" at the family home in Wilmington, Delaware. "He was our constant, cherished companion during the last 13 years and was adored by the entire Biden family," President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden said. The president and first lady praised Champ for accompanying them through the ups and downs of life. "In our most joyful moments and in our most grief-stricken days, he was there with us, sensitive to our every unspoken feeling and emotion," they said.

LampChamp light-socket USB charger review: It's kinda handy


No matter how many USB chargers I accumulate, I can never find one to charge my phone before I climb into bed. The LampChamp won't fix that problem for me because have an atypical bedside lamp, but it might work for you. The LampChamp has a male E27 base on one end, a female E27 socket on the other, and a USB Type A socket on the side that puts out 2.0 amps of power to charge your phone, tablet, or e-reader. If you have a newer phone or any other device that's equipped with a USB Type C charging socket, you've probably already stopped reading. While it will work with a Type C cable that's Type A at the other end, it won't charge your phone as quickly as possible.