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Ex-Manager of Hawaii Credit Union Sentenced for Stealing $1M

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Federal prosecutor Rebecca Perlmutter says the employees' actions caused the end of the credit union. She says the actual amount taken was higher but authorities were unable to recover records before 2008.

Machine Learning, AI and the Future of Data Analytics in Banking


Here's why banks and credit unions should believe in artificial intelligence and invest in the power of advanced data analytics. Traditional retail banking providers, weighed down by monolithic legacy systems and ponderous regulations, are in uncomfortable territory. Advancements in fintech have upended the industry, enticing both large financial firms and smaller tech startups to apply disruptive technologies in ways that threaten the status quo. To become more agile and remain relevant, traditional retail banking providers find themselves exploring their technological options with focused intensity. New innovations in data analytics empower financial institutions with systems that are so smart, they learn on the go, automatically refining their algorithms and improving their results over time.

Proposed Credit Union Wants to Lend to Farmers

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Maine Farmland Trust President & CEO Amanda Beal said her group's research suggest there's a $186 million financing gap among Maine farmers and food producers. An estimated 40 percent of farmers are 34 or younger.