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Detect discrimination with help of artificial intelligence


"We analysed an adult income data set containing salary, demographic and employment-related information for close to 50,000 individuals. We found evidence of gender-based discrimination in salary. Specifically, we found that the odds of a woman having a salary greater than $50,000 per year is only one-third that for a man. This would suggest that employers should look for and correct, when appropriate, gender bias in salaries," said Honavar.

Microsoft should ban private arbitration in racial discrimination cases, too: lawmakers

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Led by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-I.L., lawmakers from across the political spectrum spoke Wednesday against sexual harassment in the workplace. They took aim at forced arbitration clauses in many work agreements.

Justice Department: LGBT Workplace Discrimination Is Allowed Under Civil Rights Law

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The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that it does not consider workplace discrimination against LGBT individuals to be prohibited under federal civil rights law. The move, which came the same day President Donald Trump announced that he would ban transgender people from serving in the military, puts the administration at odds with another federal agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and breaks with the position of the Obama administration. The department declared its position in a brief submitted to a federal appeals court in a discrimination case on Wednesday evening. The case began in 2010, when Donald Zarda, a skydiving instructor who is now deceased, sued his employer for firing him because he was gay. The legal issue now before the appeals court is whether the 1964 Civil Rights Act's prohibition on employment discrimination on the basis of sex also protects people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation.

$300k to Settle Sex Discrimination Claims Against Congress

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The most recent total is significantly smaller than totals for later years: From 2008-2012, the Treasury Fund paid more than $174,000 to settle eight cases that involved either sexual harassment, sex discrimination or both. And between 2013 and 2017, two cases involving sex discrimination or harassment were settled, totaling $91,000. One of those settlements, for $84,000, stemmed from a 2014 lawsuit brought against Rep. Blake Farenthold by a woman who was his former communications director.

Euro Disney goes on trial for alleged hiring discrimination

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The trial in a court in Meaux, outside Paris, on Wednesday is following a complaint by anti-racist associations who claim Euro Disney discriminated on grounds of nationality in hiring dancers, bungee acrobats, jugglers, puppeteers and stilt walkers when it published the ad in a newspaper ten years ago.