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AI Libratus Beating Expert Poker Players Hands Down


Poker appears to be the latest intellectual battle between humanity and AI, and currently, a bot named Libratus, developed by the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, is beating humanity. A team of professional poker players are competing against Libratus at the Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence competition held at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, running through January 31st, 2017. As of January 26, with 80% of the 120,000 hands dealt, Libratus is ahead by over $1,000,000. Note: No money actually changes hands in this tournament.

Artificial Intelligence Beating World's Best Professional Poker Players


The world's best professional poker players appear to have found their match: An artificial intelligence developed by researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The AI dubbed Libratus has already accumulated winnings of nearly $800,000 against human poker professionals at the Brain Vs. The human players compete to win shares of the $200,000 prize while Liberatus aims to be the first computer program to win in a professional poker tournament. Many AI researchers consider poker to be among the hardest games for computers to beat humans at. How AIs fare against human players when performing tasks has long been used as a measure of progress in the field of AI research.

Daniel Negreanu on Poker and Picking Up Tells


Daniel Negreanu is one of (if not the best) poker player in the world today. He has set all kinds of records in the poker community, but today he tells us how he did it. To kick things off, Brian and Daniel discuss their old spat from Tilt and how their relationship has changed since then (5:00), when Daniel decided to become a professional poker player (17:00), and how he observes people to pick up information (27:00). Also, the two talk about how Daniel's definition of success has changed over the years (32:00), what he's interested in outside the poker table (45:00), and how the Rocky movies help get him ready to make a run at the WSOP Final Table every year (54:00).

An A.I. Just Busted Real Poker Pros, But That's Good News Nerdist


Any poker player with a winning bankroll will tell you that to become a true great at the table, you uncover what opponents are trying to hide -- noticing a slight physical tic, or the way one shuffles their chips, or even how they breathe. Those "tells" can reveal as much to an elite poker pro as if their opponent turned over their hand and showed them their cards. The best of the best understand and play the game on a level few will ever truly achieve. And a bunch of them just got their asses kicked by an advanced artificial intelligence program. As reported by New Scientist, the AI program Libratus from Carnegie Melon University has now bested four professional players after 120,000 hands in a 20-day, no-limit Texas Hold'em heads-up tournament (the AI played directly against one player at a time, with each rotating through).

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) beat the best poker players in the world?


"That was anticlimactic," Jason Les said with a smirk, getting up from his seat. Unlike nearly everyone else in Pittsburgh's Rivers Casino, Les had just played his last few hands against an artificially intelligent opponent on a computer screen. After his fellow players -- Daniel McAulay next to him and Jimmy Chou and Dong Kim in an office upstairs -- eventually did the same, they started to commiserate. The consensus: That AI was one hell of a poker player.