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Welcome to your 2019 kitchen. There's a smart oven, which lets you adjust the temperature and cook time from your phone. There's a smart refrigerator, which can tell you when your produce is about to go bad. There's a smart scale, which (hopefully) makes you a better baker. If you're wondering why you'd ever need a smart sink--and how it's different than a regular sink--we broke down exactly what the Kohler Sensate smart faucet is (and isn't) below.

How to fix a leaky faucet

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Once you've shut off the water supply, turn on the faucet to let any residual water drip out. Then remove the cover on the faucet and loosen the screw on the cap underneath, which should either screw off or snap off, enabling you to remove the handle. This will reveal a stem beneath the faucet. Some stems can be popped right off rather than unscrewed. The stem is unlikely to be the cause of the leak, but if it looks worn, then you can consider replacing it.

Moen's new kitchen faucet works with Alexa and Google Assistant


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) typically signals the arrival of new smart home appliances, and this year is certainly no exception. To this end, Moen today debuted a voice-activated faucet and water detector in its growing U by Moen product line, complementing its digital shower system that recently gained support for Google Assistant. The family flagship -- the U by Moen Smart Faucet -- lets users start and stop water flow with their voice. They're also able to perform other tasks through digital assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant, or take advantage of the wave sensor to turn the water off with a simple hand gesture. The LED built into the wave sensor changes color from blue to purple to red to indicate when the water is heating or cooling, while a handle on the side of the faucet offers manual control over temperature.

KitchenAid's Smart Display is a tablet that fears no faucet


Home cooks won't have to worry about wrecking their kitchen tablets with sticky fingers or splashes from the sink anymore, now that KitchenAid unveiled its new Smart Display at CES 2019. Designed specifically for use when cooking and baking, the Smart Display offers voice and visual meal planning powered by Yummly, along with step-by-step video instructions hosted by some of the world's top chefs. The device also incorporates Google Assistant functionality, enabling you to search the web for recipes, make shopping lists and order ingredients directly from Google Express. You'll also be able to stream music or movies while you work, as well as voice control any Assistant-compatible smart home gadgets that you may own. Best of all, the 10-inch display carries a water resistance rating of IPX-5, meaning that you can hose it off without any adverse effects, though you'll want to avoid dunking it in the sink.

Kohler's Alexa-enabled Sensate faucet quenches thirst on command


In 2019, more than ever, we're expecting to see Alexa in everything. The Sensate faucet from Kohler is the latest example of where Amazon's voice assistant can find another home. To be fair, while a voice-activated microwave seems less than useful, a faucet (and the water that comes with it) seems at least a somewhat sensible application of hands-free technology. The first "smart" faucet in the line came out in 2013, offering simple hands-free control through proximity sensors. This Alexa-enabled model was previewed last year, but details were sparse.