Towards Plan-based Health Behavior Change Counseling Systems

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In this position paper we outline our preliminary work and future directions in building behavior change counseling systems that manage dialogue on the basis of explicit representations of concepts and techniques from behavioral medicine.

Indexing Stories for Conversational Health Interventions

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Personal stories encoding health information are an effective tool for promoting health behavior change. As millions of stories about health are accumulated daily in blogs and in social networks online there is an opportunity to harvest and index a large database of health stories for interventions. We envision such a database increasing user education, engagement, motivation and rapport in our conversational agent-based health intervention systems. In this paper we propose a model of indexing health stories based on health behavior change theory, enhanced demographics and quality metrics.

Watch for behavior changes for clues of dementia onset

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Researchers examined records from 2,785 older adults who'd participated in a previous trial that compared three cognitive training strategies -- to improve memory, reasoning or reaction times --with no intervention. A decade later, that reaction-time training suggested benefit: 12 percent of people who'd completed up to 10 hours had evidence of cognitive decline or dementia compared with 14 percent in the control group, said Dr. Jerri Edwards of the University of South Florida. The figure was lower -- 8 percent -- for people who got some extra booster training.

'How Patients Think': Filling in Big Data's Gaps - Knowledge@Wharton


A new book by Andrea LaFountain, CEO of Mind Field Solutions, looks at the science of patient behavior to answer the questions that big data cannot. LaFountain stopped by the Knowledge@Wharton Show on Sirius XM channel 111 to talk about the book, How Patients Think: A Science-Based Strategy for Patient Engagement and Population Health. Knowledge@Wharton: In this age of technology and big data, why is there still that disconnect between healthcare providers and patients? Andrea LaFountain: You kind of answered the question. Big data can be great, but it can also be an enemy depending on how we use the data.

Invited Speaker and Special Presentation Abstracts

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Invited speakers for this symposium will include Atul J. Butte, Rong Chen, Chirag Patel, Sudheendra Hangal, Rollin McCraty, Ernesto R. Ramirez, Frank X Chen, Eric B Hekler, Shauna Shapiro, and Abby King. This document contains abstracts of their invited talks.