Are holograms the future of how we capture memories?


When Los Angeles-based actress and interior designer Ashley Martin Scott responded to a casting call for "mom and baby" back in April 2015, details were scant. "I pretty much came into it blindly, not knowing what to expect, aside from'a mom and a baby,'" Scott said. "And that it was something about leaving a message for your child in the future and I thought, 'That sounds fun.'"

What to do with holograms? 8i gets $27 million to explore the possibilities

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After 42 cameras collect images of a person on a stage, the Culver City start-up's program renders a realistic 3-D replica of the individual on a computer. The question now is why would anyone want to pay for a hologram of themselves? But only a sliver of the population has such devices. So 8i is prioritizing a different option in the meantime. On Monday, the company announced plans to launch a camera app in the coming months that would enable people to record videos with celebrity holograms.

Why the new Abba reunion is going to change concerts forever


This article was originally published on The Conversation. Pop sensations ABBA are reportedly coming back. That's right, in 2018 the Swedish superstars are set to tour a curious performance they call a new "virtual and live experience" in partnership with Spice Girls' manager, Simon Fuller. What this extravaganza would entail is currently unclear--but the project promises to capitalize on our "new technological world," making use of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. So, are we about to enter some new era of live music?

5G can make digital humans look real and turn real people into holograms

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Washing machine repairs directed from miles away. The rollout of 5G wireless networks that will continue throughout 2019 and beyond promises a slew of new smartphones that will hum along much faster than the models they'll eventually replace. But while zippier handsets compatible with the next generation of wireless are surely welcome, 5G's potential extends beyond them. Verizon, and some of the entrepreneurial startups it is working with, recently demonstrated a few of the fresh consumer and business experiences made possible or enhanced by 5G, at its 5G Lab in New York City, one of five such labs around the country. In each of the examples below, 5G promises to handle the big lift in processing data that digests a lot of bandwidth.

How 5G will change the way we use the web


The promise of 5G includes faster internet, greater mobile connectivity for businesses, and the ability to take futuristic digital experiences like VR and AR mainstream. With such limitless potential, the question becomes just how 5G will change the way people use their devices. To find out what's coming, I asked a group of entrepreneurs from YEC the following question: TNW Conference won best European Event 2016 for our festival vibe. See what's in store for 2017. How do you see 5G changing the way consumers or businesses use the internet in the next five years?