Grandparents Have Dressed Alike For 52 Years -- And Twitter Loves It

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You know what they say: The couple that dresses together, stays together. But every day for the 52 years of their marriage, Anthony Gargiula (@AnthonyGargiula) says his grandparents have dressed alike. His twinning grandparents tweet blew up Twitter, being retweeted more than 20,500 times and becoming a Twitter Moment. We've got to admit, they are pretty cute.

Twitter Creates 'Lite' Version for Data-Starved Users

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The company calls the version Twitter Lite and it will be aimed largely at users outside the United States. Twitter Lite works through a web browser, not a stand-alone phone application, but its appearance and functionality are nearly identical to what app users experience, according to a preview shown to Reuters.

How to make a Twitter Bot with NodeJS


Earlier this week, Rising Stack Community published the second of tutorial on Building a Twitter Bot with NodeJS. Some of you may have read the first part here on Medium (published by Hackernoon) while others might have gone through the first part of the guide on RisingStack Community. The idea of creating a Twitter Bot started in the back of my head as I was learning Nodejs a few months back and wanted to stay updated with happenings in the community. Nodejs community has grown enormously in past year and to keep up with that you need tools or browser tabs to do so.

Time to say goodbye to these overused Twitter joke formats


There are not that many ways to make jokes on Twitter. Most jokes follow some kind of viral template -- which is (one of) the reasons the platform often feels like a cursed echo chamber. And, of course, some formats are better than others. Even the good ones -- which should have finite shelf lives -- tend to overstay their welcome. SEE ALSO: Wholesome memes aren't just cute, they're subversive as h*ck That is why, despite our trepidation, we gotta call it on the following joke formats.

Does Latinx Twitter Exist?


A few months back, I began following the #nomames hashtag on Twitter. It's Spanish slang that was born out of a bit of vulgarity; the words literally translate to "don't suck," a phrase that can have … certain connotations. But the term has evolved into a flippant response, a phrase that roughly means, "no way" or "you've got to be f--ing kidding me." I first learned about #nomames a few years ago, when an entrepreneur and rapper I've long followed on Instagram, Chingo Bling, best known for his album They Can't Deport Us All, launched a comedy tour called the No Mames tour. I had no idea what the term meant, but it felt like a cultural signifier that I, as a Latina, should be aware of.