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Construction Company Receives $13M Shipyard Contract

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Hassan said the contract will spur economic growth and support workers. Shaheen spoke with the company last year about its workforce development efforts, its focus on closing the skills gap and its involvement with SkillsUSA, which connects college and high school students with technical apprenticeships and training opportunities.

Tennessee Woman Heads to Abu Dhabi Cosmetology Competition

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Unlike the high school competitions, where Burkey won two Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology or TCAT scholarships, the reward of WorldSkills is the travel from SkillsUSA via corporate sponsors, free supplies and training from corporate sponsors Pivot Point and Goldwell USA, domestic and international trips and competing internationally. She went to China in June, at China's invitation, to view that country's national hairdressing competition and recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to visit the United Arab Emirates Embassy. In high school, Burkey went to Chattanooga and Kansas City for competitions. After high school, she traveled to Chicago, Louisville, Kentucky, and Michigan.

The roots and rise of George Wallace's American Independent Party

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The American Independent Party, absent from mainstream state politics for decades, was once at the nexus of one of the most successful third-party presidential campaigns in history. The ultra-conservative group that has been quickly adding registered voters to its ranks, was formed exclusively to help put then-Gov. From its inception in 1967, the party was closely tied to the avowed segregationist and his White House ambitions. Formed exclusively to help put then-Gov. George Wallace of Alabama on the California ballot, the party was closely tied to the avowed segregationist and his White House ambitions from its inception in 1967.

AI tech founder urges business leaders, innovators to consider ethical responsibility


It is incumbent upon business leaders and Australian organisations to put diversity and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of innovation if we're to ensure the world's third major disruptive force is harnessed for human good. That was the big call-out made by Dr Catriona Wallace, founder and executive director of the ASX-listed machine learning tech innovator, Flamingo AI, during this week's CeBIT conference in Sydney. Speaking on the rise of AI and the relationship between humans and machines, the entrepreneur highlighted several facts and figures on the extent of AI impact and innovation over the short and longer-term horizon, as well as the good and negative potential human consequences that come with it. As outlined by Dr Wallace, disruptive technologies, such as AI, are predicted to be the third of three major problems the world is facing that could detrimentally affect humanity. The other two are climate change, and nuclear war.