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Celebrating Science: Co-Sign the Letter - Facts So Romantic


Science gave us the light bulb. Science gave us the tractor. Science gave us the vaccine. Science showed us the atom. Science showed us the gene.

Ten Data Science Books That Are Worth Reading in 2022


With exponential growth over the past years, the data science field has become very popular in the IT sector. Many businesses have started adopting data science techniques in order to derive meaningful information to make precise business decisions. Because of this data science has become an in-demand skill and one of the most highly paid careers in the tech industry. In order to be a successful business data scientist, it is crucial to understand and know how to use complex algorithms to build models, manipulate different datasets found from various sources, and be able to analyze and present findings to non-technical audiences. With so many resources available one can use them to learn more about data science but nothing beats reading data science books.

The Data Science Life Cycle

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Victoria Stodden ( is a statistician and associate professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA. This material is based upon work supported by National Science Foundation Award #1941443.