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Check out the "Text, Language, and Speech" sessions at the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence conference in London, 14-17 October 2019. Early price ends 6 September. As companies begin to explore AI technologies, three areas in particular are garnering a lot of attention: computer vision, natural language applications, and speech technologies. A recent report from the World Intellectual Patent Office (WIPO) found that together these three areas accounted for a majority of patents related to AI: computer vision (49% of all patents), natural language processing (NLP) (14%), and speech (13%). Companies are awash with unstructured and semi-structured text, and many organizations already have some experience with NLP and text analytics.

Indonesia finds cockpit voice recorder from Lion Air jet crash that killed 189

The Japan Times

JAKARTA - A search effort has located the cockpit voice recorder of a Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October, an Indonesian official said Monday, in a possible boost to the accident investigation. Ridwan Djamaluddin, a deputy maritime minister, told reporters that the agency investigating the crash that killed 189 people had informed the ministry about the discovery. "We got confirmation this morning from the National Transportation Safety Committee's chairman," he said. Human remains were also discovered at the seabed location, Djamaluddin said. The 2-month-old Boeing 737 Max 8 jet plunged into the Java Sea just minutes after taking off from Jakarta on Oct. 29, killing everyone on board.

Indonesia finds cockpit voice recorder of crashed Lion Air plane

Al Jazeera

Indonesia has found the cockpit voice recorder from a Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October, killing all 189 on board, an official has said. Ridwan Djamaluddin, a deputy maritime minister, told reporters on Monday that the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) had informed the ministry about the discovery. He added that human remains were also discovered at the seabed location. Separately, Reuters news agency quoted Haryo Satmiko, KNTK deputy chief of Indonesia's transport safety committee, as saying: "It's been found, but we have not received information of the location yet." The cockpit voice recorder is one of the two so-called black boxes crucial for the investigation of a plane crash.

EgyptAir Flight 804 Update: Cockpit Voice Recorder Recovered From Crashed Plane, Report Says

International Business Times

A voice recorder from the cockpit of the crashed EgyptAir Flight 804 has been recovered, the BBC reported Thursday morning. Egyptian investigators said it was found in the Mediterranean Sea during a search north of the Egyptian coast carried out by a vessel with an underwater robot. The Paris-to-Cairo flight apparently crashed into the Mediterranean Sea May 19, killing all 66 people on board. The recovery of the voice recorder follows the discovery of some of the plane's wreckage, which was found Wednesday. It remains unclear what brought the aircraft down, but terrorism has not been ruled out.

Waze For iOS Now Has Voice Recorder Feature; YouTube Creators To Release Voice Packs For App?

International Business Times

Community-based traffic and navigation app Waze now enables users to come up with their own voice prompts on iOS through a feature that was previously exclusive to the Android app. In addition, the company intends to make this feature more popular by having YouTube creators record voice prompts that the general users can download for personal use. Last Sunday, Waze released a new version of its iOS app. Version 4.26, which is clocking in at 99.0 MB, requires iOS 8.0 or later versions of Apple's mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Based on the release notes that the company published on iTunes, the new update comes with the Voice Recorder feature, which allows users to record their own voice directions.