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Virtual assistants spend much of their time fending off sexual harassment


Bots are already scheduling meetings, ordering meals, and analyzing bank accounts. That means they must now suffer the indignities unethical bosses inflict on their human assistants, especially sexual harassment. As bots do more of our bidding, their algorithms are spending more time parrying flirtations, dodging personal questions, and dealing with darker forms of sexual harassment. "Lots of use cases come from that motivation," says Ilya Eckstein, CEO of Robin Labs whose bot platform helps truckers, cabbies, and other drivers find the best route and handle logistics. "People want to flirt, they want to dream about a subservient girlfriend, or even a sexual slave.

Amy the Virtual Assistant Is So Human-Like, People Keep Asking It Out on Dates


"Thank you so much for your kind invitation. Because I'm an artificial intelligence personal assistant, I'm unable to join you in person. The company launched an artificial intelligent assistant (read: not human, non-corporeal) in 2014 to schedule meetings. The bot's name is Amy. One result no one expected: Someone asked Amy on a date nearly every month in 2015.

Top 10 Active Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning Influencers on LinkedIn, Updated


We collected a list of the top influencers on LinkedIn, ranked by their number of followers, and limited to those who were active for the past three months. Those who did not publish anything, or anything relevant to Big Data, Data Science or Machine Learning on LinkedIn since June 2017, were not included. We note that one can create a totally different ranking by looking at the number of followers on other social media, e.g., Twitter. I hope you enjoy reading through each of the profiles. All percent changes in the number of followers is relative to a similar post Top 16 Active Big Data, Data Science Leaders on LinkedIn from September 2016.

Why people are gushing about Amy


Amy Ingram is a dream personal assistant: professional, prompt and receptive to critiques. She's scheduled tens of thousands of meetings for her clients -- and she makes those who use her services look good. "Some people are like how the hell did they afford an assistant," said Dennis Mortensen, cofounder of, the startup behind Amy. "They" can afford to pay Amy because she's not a human. She is an artificially intelligent personal assistant -- just look at her initials (A.I.) -- and right now, she's free.

Top minds discuss 'smart bots' at IGNITION 2016


In addition to compelling keynote speakers, the Business Insider IGNITION 2016 conference included panels of experts who shared their deep, insightful knowledge. One such panel included Dennis Mortensen, CEO and founder of; Michael Roberts, head of Messenger at Kik Interactive; and Alex Wellen, chief product officer at CNN. They sat down at IGNITION 2016 to discuss smart bots and how they're affecting life as we know it. CNN is focused on making news available using bots. With the use of voice-activated digital assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, news can be delivered in new ways.