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Super Bowl Drinks 2017: 5 Cocktails To Make, From Beer Margaritas To Boozy Sweet Tea

International Business Times

For those hosting a party on Super Bowl Sunday, rest easy knowing that the entire beverage list does not have to be all soda and beer. A Super Bowl party has long been the perfect opportunity to whip up a signature cocktail or two to kick-off the game. From a Gimlet to a Beer Margarita, here are five recipes to try for your big event. Learn how to make this libation for your upcoming Super Bowl party. OK, so this recipe does call for beer.

11 Patriotic Cocktails To Celebrate Memorial Day In Style

International Business Times

It's Memorial Day weekend, and as we remember those we've lost in the pursuit of freedom and also get ready for the unofficial start to summer, it's the perfect time to also kick back and relax some perfect cocktails. Whether you plan to focus on the Patriotic elements of the holiday this Memorial Day, or are just looking for the ideal drink to welcome the upcoming summer months, these recipes are the perfect ones for you. An American the Blue-tiful will give you perfect summer vibes as well as remind you of the patriotic part of the holiday. To make this cocktail featuring Sparkling Ice flavored water drinks, combine 1.5 oz. Sparling Ice Classic Lemonade and Ice in a blender and blend on high until it becomes slushy.


Los Angeles Times

It's a habit Byrnes picked up from reading "Eat Your Drink," bartender Matthew Biancaniello's cookbook. Byrnes makes his own strawberry purée with fruit from the farmers market and mixes it with Templeton rye, fresh lemon juice, Leonardo e Roberto's Gourmet Blends black cherry balsamic vinegar (also from a stand at the South Pasadena farmers market) and a couple dashes of cherry bitters. In a shaker, combine the whiskey, purée, lemon juice, vinegar and bitters. To make the purée, blend 6 ounces strawberries with 1 ounce hot water until smooth.

9 Margarita Recipes To Enjoy On Cinco De Mayo 2017

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The weather's changing and there's nothing that says it's almost-summer quite like a cool refreshing margarita. On Cinco De Mayo -- a celebration of Mexico's 1862 victory in the Battle of Puebla -- people flock to restaurants and bars to sip on these delicious tequila-based drinks, but why go out when you can whip up something twice as good at home? Making margaritas at home may seem intimidating, but it's a truly simple cocktail that every unofficial bartender should know how to create. All you need are a few simple ingredients including freshly-squeezed lime juice, triple sec and tequila -- Don Julio, Herradura, Patrón, Jose Cuervo, 1800 or any other brand will suffice. You can serve them up on the rocks, or frozen with the addition of some ice blended in with the aforementioned ingredients.

Belmont Jewel cocktail, and other signature Belmont Stakes race day drinks to try

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Janice Dean enjoys Kentucky Derby traditions at Churchill Downs. The iconic Belmont Stakes Racing Festival is upon us, and those who want to celebrate with an icy beverage during the race are in luck. The Belmont Jewel, the signature drink of the Belmont Stakes, is back. The cocktail, a creation by mixologist and chef Drew Revella with Centerplate Inc., was introduced to the New York horse race back in 2012. Unlike the Kentucky Derby's famous Mint Julep and the Preakness Stakes' Black-Eyed Susan, the Belmont Stakes didn't really have a consistent race day drink.