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Machine learning: platforms and developers will set the pace


Despite having removed its search engine from China, Google appears to be actively promoting its TensorFlow machine learning platform there, rightly seeing it as the market of the future for this service. After appearances at several private events, use in universities and by opinion leaders TensorFlow looks set to become the development platform of choice for students, academics and workers, in an environment where the development of all things machine learning is a national priority, and where there seem to be fewer privacy limits on data generation.

How developers can tackle machine learning to get ahead


Machine Learning or ML is fast becoming the buzzword of our time, but why are so many developers falling short when it comes to getting their heads round this essential skill? Here's why developers must tackle ML to get ahead and what's standing in their way.

Let Your Voice Be Heard with Vision Mobile Developer Survey and Win a Prize


We're proud to be supporting the new developer survey run by our friends at VisionMobile. This is the 11th developer survey and it's entitled Developer Tools Benchmarking – as you can understand, the focus is on developer tools. The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, tool categories, revenue models, IoT verticals. This year, they have included specific survey questions on Machine Learning tools such as BigML as a new area to explore. It's a survey made by developers, for developers – so the questions are very relevant.

Python Developer Python, Machine Learning, DevOps (30480877) -


A Python Developer with strong Python, Machine Learning and DevOps experience is required by a FinTech Start-up in Central London that has just secured a substantial amount of funding. You will be one of the first 40 people to join this business which is set to double in size by this time next year. You will be a key contributor to the Back End of their product and the ecosystem as a whole using modern technologies and practices. You will be responsible for engineering web apps that integrate RESTful web services with distributed cloud computing. This is an excellent opportunity for a Python Developer (Python, Machine Learning, DevOps) who has the desire to grown with a business and become a Senior member of the team within it.

AI will make developers better at their jobs


"Automation threatens 800 million jobs," read the headlines. Artificial intelligence always knew how to stoke our most primal fears.