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Strike or No Strike, Pensions Problematic for LA Schools

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Strike or no strike, after a deal is ultimately reached on a contract for Los Angeles teachers, the school district will still be on a collision course with deficit spending because of pensions and other financial obligations.

When Does My Kid's Curiosity About Bodies Become Problematic?


On this episode: Jamilah, Zak, and Elizabeth tackle body boundaries. Our listener has two little kids who are pretty comfortable doing things like sharing a bath or getting changed in the same vicinity. But something happened the other morning that has her worried. How can she teach consent and autonomy without creating any body shame? On Slate Plus, they debate if parenting actually makes them happy.

Kidnap Suspect's Lawyers: Confession Problematic for Defense

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Defense attorneys for the man accused of kidnapping a Wisconsin teenager and killing her parents have acknowledged they're starting the case at a disadvantage after their client gave detectives a detailed confession.

Jazz Moving on From Hayward, but Timing Is 'Problematic'

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"Certainly we will miss Gordon and his many contributions to our team, but I always tell our players that'adversity is opportunity in disguise,'" Jazz coach Quin Snyder said in a statement. "This is one of those moments and we need to live those words. We have a roster of young, talented and resilient players. I am confident that together we will accept this challenge while continuing to strive toward our goal of individual and collective improvement.

County to Keep Funding Problematic Shelter Despite Protest

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The Washington Post reports Prince George's County will continue to fund the nonprofit Family Crisis Center's shelter despite calls to close its doors. Maryland law requires marriage license fees collected by the county go toward the nonprofit. Those fees totaled $385,000 last year.