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Researchers gave robots the ability to think ahead


Humans have the ability to think about their action before they act. For example, if a person is about to kick a ball, they may wonder where the ball will go and how likely it is they'll have to move to the ball's new location. Robots (especially those that are not equipped with advanced artificial intelligence) are typically incapable of doing this, as they're often programmed to perform simple tasks.

CyberCX eyes Australian government with Foresight acquisition


The Australian cyber megamix CyberCX has made yet another acquisition, this time scooping up Foresight with an eye on its government portfolio. CyberCX, the group of security companies headed by two of Australia's most experienced technology and cyber veterans, said specialist cybersecurity consultancy Foresight would strengthen its Canberra footprint and cement its capability and credentials as "Australia's leading cybersecurity organisation". "With extensive experience working with Australian government agencies, the addition of Foresight will increase CyberCX's substantial capability in delivering cyber security solutions for major government clients," CyberCX said. Founded over a decade ago, Foresight is an independent cybersecurity consultancy focused on technical security compliance and assurance activities for enterprise and government. CyberCX said Foresight has deep expertise providing security solutions to leading Australian and global organisations, working with Australian government agencies in assessing large and highly complex systems. The consultancy also has a particularly strong cloud security practice and works with cloud service providers, government agencies, and large enterprises.

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