Intel buys FPGA provider Omnitek


Intel on Tuesday announced that it's acquiring Omnitek, makers of a programmable chip design for visual processing. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. FPGAs, or field-programmable gate array (FPGA) fabric, is an integrated circuit that can be further configured after manufacturing. Basingstoke, England-based Omnitek has over 220 FPGA IP cores and accompanying software. Intel plans to merge the technology, plus Omnitek's 40 employees, into its Programmable Solutions Group.

r/analytics - Arria Studio /NLG


Does anyone have experience with Arria studio or similar tools that create financial commentary using NLG? I understand that Arria is cloud-based. Is anyone aware of a desktop equivalent?

5-in-5 with Senior Data Scientist Nikhil Ninan - Arria NLG


As a Senior Data Scientist I participate in three activities – technical pre-sales, professional services and core technology. I engage on a day-to-day basis with potential clients as a pre-sales technical consultant supporting the sales team globally to understand client problems related to data and reporting. Pre-sales engagements involve building rapid prototypes and managing the development team on rapid prototyping of potential applications to illustrate how Arria NLG's technology can solve clients' data reporting issues. I also spend time working as part of a team delivering on multiple platform projects, performing the role of a data guru. I also work very closely with Arria's Chief Data Scientist to champion data science internally within the organization as well as define and design the articulate analytics' vision for Arria's Core Technology.

Arria NLG patent opens up automated analysis and reporting to interactive querying and modification


The innovations protected by the new patent provide users of the Arria NLG Platform with an added level of control to query their data to achieve a deeper understanding. Users can direct the report output by changing the data parameters to refine its focus and apply the embedded subject matter expertise to quickly interrogate their data at the click of a mouse. For example, financial analyst who receive an NLG report analysing an entire year of sales data can use an interface to focus the report on the most recent quarter or on one or a combination of geographic regions, or by using any other search criteria that they specify. With one click, the NLG Platform searches the data afresh, conducts pre-programmed analysis and produces an amended report responding to the new query. This, Arria's eighth patent, covers flexible modification of search parameters not only for reports that may be generated with Arria NLG's advanced artificial intelligence technology, but also with more rudimentary, template based NLG systems offered by several of Arria NLG's competitors.

Arria NLG's 9th patent covers new features of Arria's artificial intelligence products, which


The innovations protected by the new patent tie together graphs and graphical annotations with the corresponding narrative in natural language reports that the Arria NLG software generates. For example, placing one's cursor on a graphical element can cause the corresponding report section to be highlighted for ease of reference. The patented features will be deployed to strengthen the integration of language and graphical elements in the Company's products. As with the Company's other recent patents, the covered features are desirable in any NLG system, not only Arria NLG's advanced Reiter & Dale model language generation system. The new patent is part of a broad diversification plan that Arria NLG has instituted to enhance versatility and improve ease of use, as well as to increase the analytic power and actionable conclusions of its NLG products.