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Android Is As Secure As Apple's iOS, Google Security Director Claims

International Business Times

A lot of people assume that Google's Android operating system is a lot less secure than Apple's iOS for the iPhone. Adrian Ludwig, the director of security at Android, has busted those claims stating that it's as secure as that of the iPhone OS. "For most threat models they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities," Ludwig told Vice's Motherboard. He also said during a security conference in Manhattan on Tuesday that the Google Pixel and the iPhone are pretty much equal in terms of security, adding that Android will be better soon. "In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place." Ludwig also mentioned Android's built-in security software called Safety Net, which is capable of scanning 400 million devices and more than 6 billion apps a day.

Google rolls out a Play Protect tool on Android phones

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Google is looking to protect Android users from rogue apps with its new security service. Google Play Protect continuously scans devices to keep them free from potential malware hidden in apps that could attack at any moment. Earlier this year a shocking report found 99.9 per cent of malware targets Android devices over Apple phones. Starting today, the Play Protect service is rolling out to all Android devices running on Google Mobile Services 11 or newer. More than 50 million apps are scanned every day with Play Protect.

Google Android: Nearly one in three devices will never get latest security patches


Samsung, by far the biggest Android vendor, has been patching some Galaxy models more regularly. Last year Google ramped up efforts to secure Android, but its annual security report reveals patching is likely to remain a challenge for years to come. In response to last year's Stagefright bugs, Google kicked off monthly patches for Android and the Android bug bounty. Both had a positive impact on the state of security in the Android ecosystem. Samsung, by far the biggest Android vendor, began updating some Galaxy models more regularly.

Android has gotten a lot safer in 2017, according to Google


According to Google's yearly overview of Android security, published on Thursday, there were significantly less potentially harmful applications (PHAs) installed on Android devices in 2017 than in 2016, both from Google Play and elsewhere. Things have gotten better, especially if you stuck to Google Play. "Downloading a PHA from Google Play was less likely than the odds of an asteroid hitting the Earth," the company claims in the report. This is largely due to Google Play Protect, a set of services introduced in May 2017 (many of them existed earlier, but Google made them more visible through Play Protect) that shield Android devices from PHAs. These include scanning for malware, protecting from deceptive websites and allowing third-party app developers to increase the security of their apps through new APIs. In 2017, Google claims daily device scans through Play Protect helped identify and remove approx.

Next-gen Android apps: Google says 64-bit push will boost performance


Google has revealed plans to require Android apps in the Google Play Store be available as 64-bit software, as part of moves to improve the performance and security of Android apps.