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The great rush to data sciences in India FactorDaily


It's 9 am on a February morning and the mercury is just inching past 20 degrees Celsius in Bengaluru. The workday is already two hours old in the metropolis's densely laid-out eastern suburb of Marathahalli. A student batch of both unemployed and working software professionals at Robotek Minds, a tech training institute, has just finished its data science class. Data science is the new buzzword in the tech industry and the code jocks in the Marathahalli class have a singular focus: a job or a leg-up at one of the shiny information technology campuses dotting the city and housing the world's leading tech corporations. Which, they hope, will be a passport to a comfortable salary that will grow in long strides in the years ahead as the use of data in the world economy explodes.

Top 10 Data Scientists In India -- 2018 - Analytics India Magazine


Analytics India Magazine brings you the annual list of the top data scientists in India, for the fourth year in a row. We have been identifying the ingenious minds in the world of data science and analytics who are also driving the innovations across various industries in India. From building analytics team to bringing newer processes in the working, the data scientists listed here have been instrumental in changing the face of the organisation. We have considered data scientists working with an organisation or independently, irrespective of size and nature of work. Here's the list of top 10 data scientists, to draw some inspiration and motivation from.

How To Land A Data Science Job Amid COVID


The COVID pandemic had a massive impact on campus placements. Most students consider campus placement as a criterion while looking at colleges for higher studies. That's the reason why universities and colleges with higher placement percentages are high on the preference list of students. That said, landing the right job is not easy. Students tend to overlook critical criteria at campus placements.

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Ever wondered how an Internet search engine - Google, Yahoo! or Bing - fetches you the correct information in seconds? Or, Amazon fishes out the product you've been looking for in a jiffy? Or, the food delivery app knows so much about restaurants across the country? Well, all these Internet engines run on the same oil: data. More specifically, they look for patterns in a deluge of data to produce the best results for your queries within a fraction of a second.

Top 100 Big Data Companies Driving Innovation in 2021


Big data as the name suggests is a large amount of data that is growing exponentially and it is difficult to be managed by traditional data management tools. These large data sets need cost-efficient, innovative, and efficient methods for analysis so that they can be helpful to devise insights. Currently, the world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. The explosion of data continues in the roaring '20s, both in terms of generation and storage the amount of stored data is expected to continue to double at least every four years. When we look at Facebook that has hundreds of users across the globe. Facebook generates about 500 petabytes of data. And the company also uses big data to handle data needs. In the age of digital technology and social media, the amount of information generated is increasing exponentially. It has now become possible to analyse the data and get insights from it immediately. The concept of big data has been around for several years. Big data, in particular, offers marketers with unmatched data regarding their customers, which opens possibilities of easily recording, tracking and processing massive volumes of data within all actions. Big data solutions include storage, backup, analysis, visualization, as well as administrative controls for enormous volumes of data. Big data solutions make a complicated data infrastructure more efficient. Furthermore, big data technologies allow smart cities to leverage expanded capabilities. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, smart sensors, smart transportation and other innovations are all part of this. Several companies have emerged over the years to provide solutions for wrangling huge datasets and understanding the relevant information within them. Some offer powerful data analysis tools, while others aggregate and organize datasets into usable formats. Big data has its uses and applications in almost every industry. Big data has a massive contribution to the advancement in technology, growth in business and organizations, profit in each sector, etc. Looking at the non-stop growth and progress of big data, companies started adopting it more frequently. A3logics is a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions company leveraging best-in-class technologies to drive business efficiency. A3logics creates a next-generation space dedicated to aligning IT with business goals. The company's dedicated team of tech-savvy developers and enthusiasts help organizations embrace top solutions, which will help them fulfil their business objectives. A3logics uses artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, big data, augmented and virtual reality, etc to come up with software solutions that reflect the future. With the aim to bridge the gap between technology and business needs, the company works as a global provider of innovative solutions.