Pentagon outlines first artificial intelligence strategy as China and Russia chip away at U.S. tech edge

The Japan Times

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military wants to expand its use of artificial intelligence in warfare, but says it will take care to deploy the technology in accordance with the nation's values. The Pentagon outlined its first AI strategy in a report released Tuesday. The plan calls for accelerating the use of AI systems throughout the military, from intelligence-gathering operations to predicting maintenance problems in planes or ships. It urges the U.S. to advance such technology swiftly before other countries chip away at its technological advantage. "Other nations, particularly China and Russia, are making significant investments in AI for military purposes, including in applications that raise questions regarding international norms and human rights," the report says.

4 Experts Respond to Trump's Executive Order on AI

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Yesterday, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing the American AI Initiative, with the aim of "accelerating our national leadership" in artificial intelligence. "Americans have profited tremendously from being the early developers and international leaders in AI. However, as the pace of AI innovation increases around the world, we cannot sit idly by and presume that our leadership is guaranteed." IEEE Spectrum asked four experts for their take on the announcement. Several saw it as a response to China's AI policy, which calls for major investment in order to make China the world leader in AI by 2030.

Trump signs executive order to boost AI technology


President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says Warren should focus'more on her heritage' than investigating his businesses Trump: People saying wall hasn't made difference in El Paso are'full of crap' GOP promotes Trump line mirroring Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign slogan MORE on Monday signed an executive order laying out a national plan to boost artificial intelligence (AI) technology, amid growing concern that the U.S. is losing out to China. The executive order directs federal agencies to prioritize and set aside funding for AI programs, while opening up the way for researchers and developers to access more government data. "Continued American leadership in Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the United States," Trump said in a statement, accompanying the order. The order directs all federal agencies to look into launching and expanding AI initiatives that promote their missions. The order also asks a coalition of government bodies to develop a set of national "regulatory" standards around AI, which the U.S. currently lacks.

President Trump will lay out U.S.' AI plans in an executive order


According to several outlets briefed over the weekend on the White House's plans, President Trump will today sign an executive order establishing a program -- the American AI Initiative -- that'll task federal agencies with devoting more resources to artificial intelligence (AI) research, training, and promotion. It comes after President Trump promised "investments in the cutting-edge industries of the future" during his State of the Union speech last week, and after companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google called for guidelines governing the use and development of AI technologies such as facial recognition. "AI is something that touches every aspect of people's lives," a White House official told Reuters. "What this initiative attempts to do is to bring all those together under one umbrella and show the promise of this technology for the American people." There isn't any funding attached to the executive order, which follows the Trump Administration's AI summit on the role of AI in May 2018.

Trump to sign executive order promoting artificial intelligence


President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump to sign executive order promoting artificial intelligence Trump's new Syria timetable raises concern among key anti-ISIS allies Trump officials considering Mar-a-Lago for next meeting with China's Xi: report MORE on Monday will sign an executive order dedicating resources to boost U.S. artificial intelligence (AI), a move that comes as the Trump administration seeks a leg up in its technological race with China. The executive order, titled Accelerating America's Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, will direct federal agencies to dedicate money and manpower towards researching and developing artificial intelligence (AI) while making government data available to the technology's developers. Artificial intelligence is defined as software that allows computers to emulate human intelligence. "This initiative will devote the full resources of the federal government to develop AI," a senior administration official told reporters on Sunday evening. The order directs federal agencies to prioritize funding AI initiatives and open up their troves of data to AI experts, a move that privacy advocates are certain to push back against.