Fuel Truck Crashes in LA, 2 Dead and Major Freeway Closed

U.S. News

A fuel tanker truck crashed and burned early Friday on a highway near Los Angeles International Airport, killing two people and causing a massive traffic jam that forced travelers to abandon their vehicles and walk off the freeway with their luggage, authorities said.

BMW's autonomous concept car of the future was cool, I guess


As I approached San Francisco International Airport, my expectations for BMW's new concept car were as big as the looming Boeing 777F Lufthansa cargo jet waiting for me. I had surrendered my cellphone and everything in my purse but my drivers license to see BMW's iNext vehicle. Its tour started in Munich a few days earlier; it came to the Bay Area after a stop at New York's JFK airport, and was scheduled to continue on to Beijing. SEE ALSO: BMW makes sure we can't escape voice assistants while driving After passing a final security check, I climbed up the rickety staircase with fellow media members and entered the cavernous aircraft. We had been told very little about what we were going to see, except it was not only the "car of the future" but the "idea of the future."

Elon Musk tweets photo of LA-area transport tunnel

The Japan Times

HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA – Billionaire Elon Musk has released a photograph of a tunnel he's building under a Los Angeles suburb to test a novel transportation concept for a system that would move people underground in their personal cars rather than by subway trains. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla tweeted during the weekend that the tunnel was 500 feet (150 meters) so far and should be 2 miles (3.2 km) long in three or four months. In August, the Hawthorne City Council granted a permit allowing an underground extension of approximately 2 miles from SpaceX property, crossing under a corner of the municipal airport and beneath city streets to a point about a mile east of Los Angeles International Airport. Musk also tweeted that hopefully in a year or so the tunnel would stretch along the Interstate 405 corridor from LAX to U.S. Highway 101 in the San Fernando Valley, which would require approval from other governments. That span is about 27 km.

CES 2020: A smart city oasis


Like the city that hosts the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) there is a lot of noise on the show floor. Sifting through the lights, sounds and people can be an arduous task even for the most experienced CES attendees. Hidden past the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) is a walkway to a tech oasis housed in the Westgate Hotel. This new area hosting SmartCity/IoT innovations is reminiscent of the old Eureka Park complete with folding tables and ballroom carpeting. The fact that such enterprises require their own area separate from the main halls of the LVCC and the startup pavilions of the Sands Hotel is an indication of how urbanization is being redefined by artificial intelligence.

Police release 'last known footage' of missing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck

FOX News

Utah police said 23-year-old Mackenzie Lueck was last seen meeting someone at a park at 3 a.m. Police in Salt Lake City Tuesday released what they called "the last known footage" of Mackenzie Lueck, a University of Utah student who disappeared after ordering a Lyft and being dropped off at a local park last week. Images taken from surveillance cameras at Salt Lake City International Airport showed Lueck at the airport between 2:09 and 2:40 a.m. June 17, about twenty minutes before a Lyft driver dropped her off at Hatch Park in North Salt Lake, police said. "Over the course of approximately 31 minutes, Mackenzie walked from the jetway to catch the Lyft with a quick stop to pick up her luggage," Salt Lake City Assistant Police Chief Tim Doubt told reporters Tuesday.