Recent airport attacks at a glance

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EDS NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT- Turkish rescue and security officers work near an entrance of Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Tuesday, June 28, 2016. Suspected Islamic State group extremists have hit the international terminal of Istanbul's Ataturk airport, killing dozens of people and wounding many others, Turkish officials said Tuesday. Turkish authorities have banned distribution of images relating to the Ataturk airport attack within Turkey.

Airports in Bangor, Elsewhere in Maine to Get More Than $10M

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The second largest grant is a nearly $3.4 million award going to Belfast Municipal Airport. Sugarloaf Regional Airport, Oxford County Regional Airport and Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport also are all receiving smaller grants.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Hikes Parking Fees

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Off airport parking operators are hoping to take advantage of the boosted airport rates by grabbing business from the city-owned airport. Rates for uncovered parking can dip as low as $6 a day during promotions.

Luton Airport holidaymakers' cars vandalised on side streets

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Cars belonging to holidaymakers who parked on streets near an airport have been vandalised. The two vehicles were left on roads close to Luton Airport. A windscreen and windows were smashed and the cars daubed with messages complaining about people not paying for airport parking. Luton Council said it was consulting with residents about introducing parking permits in the areas affected. Luton Airport said it would always urge passengers to use the onsite parking.

German Airport in Duesseldorf Reopened After Security Incident: Airport Spokeswoman

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BERLIN (Reuters) - Two of the three terminals at the airport of the West German city of Duesseldorf have been reopened after a security incident while the third terminal is expected to open shortly, a spokeswoman for the airport said on Friday.