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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Ebook


Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions Enroll Now - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Ebook About this Course From the time of the Church-Turing thesis that suggested machines will be able to perform tasks akin to human beings to self-driving cars in Phoenix; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has evolved significantly. Since then, it has gradually become part of many common devices. Because of its applications, people are showing tremendous interest to learn this subject. Moreover, already numerous tutorials, courses, and books are available for its learning. The e-book titled Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an excellent tool if you are keen on the subject.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning - is your job at risk


There is a great deal of speculation whether or not artificial intelligence and machine learning will take over the job market. Artificial intelligence will be able to automate jobs that many people thought could only be done by humans. However, there will be many new jobs created by artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. In case you aren't aware machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and deep learning is a subset of machine learning. Companies are investing millions upon millions of dollars in artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning : What's the difference


Artificial Intelligence has many things to offer. The whole concept of Artificial Intelligence revolves around 2 concepts and they are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Many of us think both of them are the same, But no we are wrong. Here in this blog, you will get a clear idea about what is Machine Learning and what is Deep Learning. Both of them are not new for us, but the way they are utilized to describe the intelligent machines are changing day by day.

The Best Machine Learning Resources – Machine Learning for Humans – Medium


For those considering an autodidactic alternative, this is for you. You can't go deeply into every machine learning topic. There's too much to learn, and the field is advancing rapidly. Motivation is far more important than micro-optimizing a learning strategy for some long-term academic or career goal. If you're trying to force yourself forward, you'll slow down.

Schools Line Up AI, Machine-Learning Courses for Executives


Some of the nation's top schools, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgetown University, are offering educational programs for nontechnical senior managers looking to learn more about artificial intelligence and its business applications. These programs are designed to be crash courses in AI, covering machine learning, robotics and other topics. They can vary in duration and delivery--some are multiweek online offerings, others are multiday boot camps--and typically land in the $3,000-a-student range.