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Firms must seize AI-driven growth


Firms must seize AI-driven growth If businesses invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human-machine collaboration with the same results of top performing companies, they could boost revenues by 38 percent by 2022 and raise employment levels by 10 percent.

Achieving Impact Through AI-Driven Engagement - Personetics


    Explore the untapped opportunity of AI with industry leader, Ron Shevlin from Cornerstone Advisors.   The webinar will cover:   •            The business case for AI usage in digital banking •            The evolution of multichannel banking •            Cornerstone Research Uncut: The impact of digital banking on customer financial wellness •            AI as the […]

MerzFiles #04: I am an AI-driven troll (probably).


So you are probably aware of my biggest sin -- I begin series. And then I begin a new one, and so on. Anyway, I continue my series sometimes, oh yes I do. So here's a deal: when we will be 100 subscribers, I'll tell you more about my series. Today I just tell about "Our Research Facility".

Becoming an AI-Driven Enterprise


In this upcoming webinar, review the practical first steps an organization can take towards becoming an AI-driven enterprise, and learn how you cut through the hype of AI, apply it organization-wide, and quickly realize ROI.

AI and Robots: Not What You Think


There's a lot of excitement about what artificial intelligence (AI) can do in manufacturing. Depending on what you read – and choose to believe about what you read – AI-driven robots are able to autonomously make decisions about what work gets done, how it gets done and who does it or there are decades of work yet to be done before we see a material impact. Personally, I think we're somewhere in the middle, as manufacturers – pragmatists that they are – design and implement manufacturing strategies in a very deliberate way to achieve business requirements and then focus ongoing efforts to make key processes better and better. And I think that collaborative robots (cobots) will play a larger and larger role in accelerating progress. The AI that cobots possess makes them so much more than just machines for dirty, dull and dangerous work.