German Union, Employers Reach Wage Deal Following Strikes

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The IG Metall union and employers in southwestern Baden-Wuerttemberg state, one of Germany's industrial heartlands, agreed early Tuesday on a 4.3 percent wage rise starting April 1. Agreements reached in one region are typically applied across the whole country and some 3.9 million industrial workers.

Omaha Unemployment Rate Challenges Local Employers

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Todd Dawson is a managing partner at WorldBridge Partners, a recruiting company for the finance, legal and medical fields. Dawson says some Omaha businesses are offering extra paid vacation days, paid day care, car allowances, bonuses and other company-paid benefits.

Federal Program to Help Employers With Tough Hires

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The federal program allows employers to insure their business against theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement if they hire at-risk job seekers who cannot get private coverage. The bond covers the first six months of employment at no cost to the employer.

Control Immigration, but Keep Workers Coming: UK Employers

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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's leading employers' group said on Friday it accepted that Prime Minister Theresa May would need to impose controls on EU citizens working in the UK after Brexit, but new immigration rules must not stop companies from hiring the staff they need.

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