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Future Technologies and Tech Trend Radar 2018 Munich Re


Technology is an important driver of future business. Those who make use of the opportunities offered by new technologies gain competitive advantages through innovation and productivity. The earlier the potentials of trends for one's own business model are recognised, the better they can be implemented. The adaptation of artificial intelligence, machine learning or smart data massively and continuously changes not only products but business models and even markets. Customers want to use the advantages of technology experienced in all areas of life – including in the financial sector.

How Data Mining Will Transform The Digital Marketing Trends & Why?


In this era of technological advancements, the success of every business, organization or startup prominently lies with its capability to search through and process data effectively. Significantly, in business terminologies, it is mostly perceived that the said task is quite prominent and caters the needs of business firms to promote versatility and significance via amalgamation with new and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Data Mining. Synonymously, Data Mining is an important aspect meant to provide relevant information that empowers you to understand the future trends, and should also be a key element to drive your business to the next level. Since digital marketing trends are flourishing and could hardly work without providing the essential data which further transforms into information which is further transited in the form of knowledge. Moreover, this allows for devising new capabilities and applications of sales strategy, thus it shows how data mining performs its functionalities.

Why You Should Ask If Your Business is Intelligent


Asking whether your business is intelligent might seem like an unusual question but the response is becoming more important to companies that want to get ahead of rivals and maintain a competitive edge. Business intelligence is a set of techniques or tools used to acquire and transform raw data into meaningful information that can be used to analyse the business and benefit decision making processes. Business intelligence technologies are capable of handling huge amounts of data that can help identify and develop business opportunities and risks that can then be incorporated into an effective business strategy. If done correctly business intelligence can provide companies with stability and give them an edge in a competitive market place. The concept of business intelligence is becoming increasingly important as businesses are now expected to react and adapt to changing environments and trends.

What is Data Science? - Intellipaat Blog


A study which deals with identification, representation and extraction of meaningful information to be used for business purposes can be referred to as'Data Science'. With enormous amount of data generating each minute, the requirement to extract the useful insights is a must for the businesses to stand out from the crowd. Every other organization is running behind profits, but the companies that formulate efficient strategies based on fresh and useful insights always win the game in the long-run. Looking to become a Data Scientist? Check the Intellipaat industry-designed Data Scientist training!

Accenture: Leading enterprises are compressing a decade of digital transformation in 1-2 years


"The world is hungry for a new kind of leadership," according to the Accenture Technology Vision 2021 report. The report, "Leaders Wanted: Masters of Change at a Moment of Truth," outlines how leading enterprises are compressing a decade of digital transformation into one or two years. Accenture surveyed more than 6,200 business and technology leaders for the Technology Vision report, and 92% report that their organization is innovating with an urgency and call to action this year. And 91% of executives agree capturing tomorrow's market will require their organization to define it. Relying on a strong digital core to adapt and innovate at lighting speed, leaders are growing revenues 5x faster than laggards today, versus only 2x faster between 2015 to 2018, according to Accenture research.