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UK launches National AI Strategy


On 22 September 2021, the UK government released its National AI Strategy. According to the document, the new strategy "represents the start of a step-change for AI in the UK, recognising the power of AI to increase resilience, productivity, growth and innovation across the private and public sectors. This is how we will prepare the UK for the next ten years."

The UK Digital Strategy is finally launching on March 1 and it's going after AI


The UK government is going to lead a "major review" into what artificial intelligence means for the country's economy as part of its long-awaited Digital Strategy. Officials at the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) say its review will look at how the government and firms can work together to "back the technology" in the coming years. It is claimed, based on figures from Accenture, that AI could add £654 billion to the UK's economy by 2035. While research from the think tank Reform has suggested 250,000 public sector jobs administration jobs could be replaced by chat bots, artificial intelligence, and automation by 2030. The review will be led by the University of Southampton's computer science professor Wendy Hall and Jerome Pesenti from BenevolentAI.

Ireland AI Strategy (2021)


Over the past year or more there was been a significant increase in publications, guidelines, regulations/laws and various other intentions relating to these. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been attracting a lot of attention. Most of this attention has been focused on how to put controls on how AI is used across a wide range of use cases. We have heard and read lots and lots of stories of how AI has been used in questionable and ethical scenarios. These have, to a certain extent, given the use of AI a bit of a bad label.

Applying Artificial Intelligence for Video Marketing Strategies


Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being utilized in every sector these days. Artificial intelligence hs been helping in terms of deriving insights and assisting publishers, marketers, and broadcasters to make informed decisions based on those insights. The newest trend that we have been witnessing is the emergence of Artificial intelligence in video campaign strategy and this is here to stay as the video has a significant effect on people. The revenue derived from video marketing is rising and it is predicted that the industry will reach an estimated $47.89 billion by the year 2022. Video marketing is used as a tool to achive better branding as brands tend to believe that video marketing is a better channel to pass information and advertise their products, efficiently without hassle.

Top 10 Amazing AI business Strategies to Opt for in 2022


No doubt, artificial intelligence continues to be one of the most innovative technologies of all time. With every passing day, we get to see the organizations doing their best as far as realizing the benefits of AI is concerned. Knowing how much the potential AI holds, it makes every possible sense to opt for the right AI business strategies. On that note, have a look at the top 10 amazing AI business strategies to opt for in 2022. Cyber crimes are a serious concern and efforts are taken to address them on priority.