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The first global drone standards have been revealed


As drone use grows, rules and regulations remain in flux and vary among jurisdictions. Last month, for instance, the Federal Aviation Administration granted operators of certain drones approval to fly them in controlled airspace in the US, but the UK has an outright ban on using them within a kilometer of airports. To help establish best practices, the International Organization for Standardization has released the first draft set of global standards for drone use. The draft does suggest no-fly zones around airports and other restricted areas, along with geofencing measures to keep drones away from sensitive locations. The standards also call for drone operators to respect others' privacy and a human intervention fail-safe for all flights.

Mock draft: Chiefs draft Clemson QB Deshaun Watson with No. 27 pick

Los Angeles Times

NFL beat writer mock draft: Texas A&M's Myles Garrett and Stanford's Solomon Thomas are first to go Beat writers from around the country will played the role of general manager for the team's they cover. Scroll for complete results for picks 1-32. Mock draft: Chiefs draft Clemson QB Deshaun Watson with No. 27 pick A winner with a pedigree who has a little Donovan McNabb in him. He can sit and learn behind Alex Smith and solidify the QB position for years to come.

Japan's de facto ban on liquid baby formula may be lifted by summer

The Japan Times

The government is expected to lift a de facto ban on the production and sale of liquid baby formula -- possibly in the summer -- following the health ministry's unveiling Monday of draft safety rules governing the product. While liquid formula is widely used abroad for its convenience, its production and sale are not allowed in Japan due to the absence of government safety standards. Powder formula, which needs to be dissolved in hot water, is commonly used instead. Use of formula donated by Finland as emergency aid during the 2016 Kumamoto Prefecture earthquakes prompted the ministry to begin studying ways to set standards for domestic production of the liquid form. Its merits were made apparent in the aftermath of the disaster as its use was not dependent on the availability of clean water.

The hefty price of Trump's school-choice fantasy

Los Angeles Times

Politicians like to say that the federal government should keep its hands off schools -- until they want to interfere. Take President Trump, for example. On the campaign trail he vowed to end the tight federal control of schools that characterized the Obama administration. No more using federal money to push states into adopting the Common Core curriculum standards, he said. In fact, he vowed, he'd eliminate Common Core -- which actually would amount to improper interference on its own because states have the right to set their own curriculum standards.

No energy bill price cap this winter, Ofgem says

BBC News

A price cap on energy bills proposed by the prime minister last week is unlikely to take effect before winter. Theresa May had promised to revive a plan to cap charges for an extra 12 million consumers. Until then a more limited price cap will be extended to another one million low income households, Ofgem said. Restrictions on the cost of gas and electricity for those with pre-payment meters already saves some four million households about £80 a year. The regulator wants to extend the scheme to about two million other people who get certain benefits.