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How to combine point and boxplots in timeline charts with ggplot2 facets


In a recent project, I was looking to plot data from different variables along the same time axis. The difficulty was, that some of these variables I wanted to have as point plots, while others I wanted as box-plots.

Readers: What's your biggest pain point in technology?

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Many of us have a love/hate relationship with technology. We love when it works well, when we have a charged smartphone that lasts all day, when it doesn't fall out of our pocket and crack or make butt dials. But for some of us, getting to that "love" stage can take some work. How can USA TODAY help you? USA TODAY will be starting an occasional series on how to get through the pain points and make technology work for you.

Patriot Points


Let your red, white, and blue colors show and you may qualify for huge discounts on popular all-American brands, TSA Precheck approval, and priority boarding on U.S.-carrier flights, as well as discount tickets on a wide variety of sports events and concerts by PP-approved entertainers, family dinner specials at participating restaurants, discounts and special treatment at participating classy hotel franchises and golf courses, and for those lucky members who hit the Top Tier of American Pride, a range of terrific VIP experiences including the chance to attend exclusive cocktail parties in the White House with POTUS himself!

President Points at Map


One consistent principle that guides Donald Trump's decisions as president is that he acts like he thinks a president who's doing something on TV would act. Instead of actually doing the thing, he performs the TV version of doing the thing. As this Hurricane Michael–related clip flagged by a Washington Post video producer indicates, the performance does not always involve A-list, top-shelf acting. This looks like the dress rehearsal for a movie about a U.S. President, but the actor who is playing the president did not memorize his lines and is just completely winging it The context here is that instead of just having reporters receive a hurricane-preparedness briefing directly from Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and FEMA chief Brock Long, the White House instead invited them to watch Trump listen to a briefing from Nielsen and Long while seated at his desk, which appears to have gone about as awkwardly as you'd expect.

Local Saddle Point Optimization: A Curvature Exploitation Approach Machine Learning

Gradient-based optimization methods are the most popular choice for finding local optima for classical minimization and saddle point problems. Here, we highlight a systemic issue of gradient dynamics that arise for saddle point problems, namely the presence of undesired stable stationary points that are no local optima. We propose a novel optimization approach that exploits curvature information in order to escape from these undesired stationary points. We prove that different optimization methods, including gradient method and adagrad, equipped with curvature exploitation can escape non-optimal stationary points. We also provide empirical results on common saddle point problems which confirm the advantage of using curvature exploitation.