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Ivanka Trump Says World Should Boost Women in Cutting-Edge Industries

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Ivanka Trump, seen as an important influence on her father, has made women's issues one of her signature policy areas since beginning her role at the White House. Her comments came ahead of her father's trip to Asia - his first since taking office in January - that begins in Japan on Sunday.

Top Machine Learning Research Groups To Follow In India


Indian Institute of Science's Machine Learning Special Interest Group: Touted as one of the best research groups in India, especially the one with a beautiful campus, IISc's MLSIG features several talented students and faculty members engaged in cutting-edge research on a variety of aspects of ML and related fields. These works range from theoretical foundations to new algorithms as well as other exciting applications. IISc MLSIG has a great roster of events that covers topics such as deep learning with GPUs, data mining (models, algorithms and applications), text analysis, knowledge representation and reasoning with DNN. MLSIG is also doing cutting-edge research that is published in top journals and conferences. Some of the research topics are ML in text mining, ML in computer vision, graphical models, clustering, support vector machines and kernel-based learning methods.

In pictures: V&A celebrates Africa's cutting-edge fashion

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But the exhibition shows the diversity of what is being created on the continent and by showing this to London Dr Checinska hopes that there will be a fresh appreciation of what the continent brings to the fashion world that will change perceptions.

ADS Deep Dive into Machine Learning


In this Amsterdam Data Science Deep Dive session we will highlight cutting-edge research with a focus on Machine Learning with speakers from academia and industry. There will be an opportunity for audience participation and interaction to discuss the key challenges within this domain. Amsterdam Data Science accelerates data science research by connecting, sharing and showcasing world-class technology, expertise and talent from Amsterdam on a regional, national and international level. Our research enables business and society to better gather, store, analyse and present data in order to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

FIVARS Is the Most Cutting-Edge Storytelling Festival in the World, and it Kicks Off This Weekend

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"I look at what these people have done, these selections, and I say, 'How special are you guys? You actually came this far. You actually figured out the complexities of how to write stories for this medium and how to start connecting with audiences -- and you're iteratively and recursively figuring out how to improve upon that,'" said Malicki-Sánchez. "Because of that the content is getting better. No longer do we have to deal with things that are nausea-inducing or vertigo-inducing; that was last year's problem.