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There is one thing about Sanjay B Dalal and me that we share from a long long time - Community Building. Like how I run Sanjay also runs one of the most influential and biggest small business communities in the US oGoing and he handles the community like his family. I have seen him grow in leaps and bounds. I invited Sanjay to share his POV in my new book - How To Raise Funds Like A Rockstar.

The Drilling Rigs of the Big Data Age - insideBIGDATA


It is true that we are awash in all kinds of data, and the value chain is clear: large amounts of data, machines/software used to analyze that data, insights derived from it, money generated from those insights.

AI, healthcare and fintech are torchbearers of emerging Bengaluru startups


As the TechSparks countdown begins, we list the top Bengaluru startups that have grabbed the spotlight due to the work they do and the growth they are projecting. Bengaluru has always been referred to as India's Silicon Valley. This is not just in terms of the number of startups that have mushroomed in the city, but also keeping in mind the funding pumped into the Bengaluru startup ecosystem. According to YourStory data, between 2016 and 2017 (YTD), the total amount of funding raised by Bengaluru startups was a whopping $6.6 billion. As many as 460 startups have made Bengaluru their home in the past two years, be it e-commerce giant Flipkart, cab aggregator Ola or Practo, one of the top funded healthcare startups in India.

6 AI Trends That Will Drive Economic Recovery As States Reopen


"The Golden Age of Biology is upon us," said Mayfield Fund's Navin Chaddha commenting on CRISPR gene ... [ ] editing With economic indicators not seen since the Great Depression (U.S. unemployment at 18%, GDP Q1 contraction at 4.8%, forecasted to surpass 30% for Q2) and the U.S. stock market propped up by trillions of dollars in government stimulus and soaring toward record highs, this is either the worst of times, as Fed Chair Powell declared in his April 28 monetary policy address, or the best of times to come. As more than half of U.S. states begin to reopen from the COVID-19 shutdown, one thing remains clear for now: The sharing economy is dead. Long live the distancing economy. To get an understanding of the role that AI will play in driving growth amid the global coronavirus crisis, I had a chance to talk with Navin Chaddha, managing partner of Mayfield Fund and Forbes Midas List investor, on the post-pandemic outlook for private equity investment. He shared Mayfield's thesis for their newest early stage funds which closed at $750 million on March 25, just as 90% of the world was locking down.

Infosys invests $2m in Danish AI startup UNSILO


Indian IT services major Infosys Ltd has invested DKK 14.92 million ($2.14 million) in UNSILO, a Danish artificial intelligence startup focussed on advanced text analysis, the company said in a stock market disclosure on Friday. The investment comes just within a week after the IT firm, through its innovation fund, backed US-based TidalScale. "UNSILO have built an impressive semantic search engine with best-in-class text intelligence, which powers a range of advanced business processes. We will partner with UNSILO to bring their artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to our global clients. They join and expanding portfolio of innovative young companies from around the world that Infosys works with to help enterprises drive their digital transformation," said Ritika Suri, executive vice-president & global head of corporate development & ventures at Infosys.