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Coronavirus cases in Japan top 3,000 after record 357 new infections reported Friday

The Japan Times

The cumulative number of new COVID-19 cases in Japan reached 3,113 on Friday, excluding infected people who were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off Yokohama earlier this year. A total of 357 people were newly found to have the novel coronavirus in the country Friday, with the daily number of confirmed cases surpassing 300 for the first time. The figure has topped 200 for four straight days through Friday, bringing the four-day total to over 1,100. The number of newly confirmed cases in Tokyo came to 89 on Friday, and the cumulative figure now stands at 773 in the Japanese capital. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the deaths of two more patients at Eiju General Hospital in the capital's Taito Ward were confirmed Friday.

Tokyo reports more than 60 new COVID-19 cases, setting fresh single-day record

The Japan Times

More than 60 new coronavirus patients were reported in Tokyo on Saturday, setting a new single-day record for the capital, metropolitan government sources said. Tokyo had already seen over 40 new infections per day over the last three days. With the new cases, the total number of cases in Tokyo is now over 350, the highest among the 47 prefectures. Citizens in the capital were asked to stay home over the weekend to counter the spread of the virus. Among the new cases in Tokyo, the National Cancer Center Japan said two nurses at the National Cancer Center Hospital tested positive for the virus.

Eight more coronavirus infections confirmed in Tokyo as Japan sees spate of domestic transmissions

The Japan Times

Eight people in Tokyo, three more who have connections to a hospital in Wakayama Prefecture and one person in Nagoya tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday as Japan struggles with a daily increase in the number of domestic cases of the virus. Seven of the eight people in Tokyo had had close contact with a taxi driver who this week tested positive for the coronavirus, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said. The remaining person in Tokyo is a businessman in his 40s and is in serious condition in hospital. After showing symptoms such as coughing and fever last Monday, the man made a business trip on a Tokaido Shinkansen bullet train to Aichi Prefecture, metro officials said, adding that he has not traveled to China recently. Meanwhile, Wakayama Prefecture officials announced Saturday that another doctor in his 50s who worked at Saiseikai Arida Hospital in the town of Yuasa tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Japan still heading toward a peak in coronavirus infections, study shows

The Japan Times

Despite a declining trend in Hokkaido, Japan has yet to reach a peak in coronavirus infections, with the number of infected people still rising significantly in Aichi and Hyogo prefectures, a Kyodo News study showed Tuesday. The study is based on data from about 680 people whose dates of onset were made available among the infected people local governments reported to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry by Monday. In Hokkaido, where 152 cases -- the highest number of domestic infections -- and six deaths have been reported, the number of new cases has been decreasing since Gov. Naomichi Suzuki declared a state of emergency on Feb. 28. No new cases were reported Tuesday in the prefecture for the first time since Feb. 19. Cases of COVID-19 surged in mid-February on the island, logging 10 patients per day on Feb. 18 and 21, before showing a declining trend.

Japan coronavirus-related deaths hit single-day record as total infections top 8,000

The Japan Times

Japan registered a single-day record 19 deaths linked to the new coronavirus as of Tuesday, while the cumulative number of confirmed infections topped 8,000, after 477 people tested positive. Out of the 8,161 cases nationwide, 161 people in Tokyo were newly found with the virus, bringing cumulative cases in the Japanese capital to 2,319. Newly confirmed cases came to 59 in Osaka Prefecture, while Fukuoka Prefecture recorded 33 cases. All three prefectures are covered under last week's state of emergency declaration. With the 19 deaths, the nationwide total rose to 173, including people who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined off Japan earlier this year.